How to download the android APK file favorite from Google Play on your computer

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APK downloader is a chrome extension that helps you download the Android Application APK file from Google Play (formerly Android Market) on your computer. @ Appinn

The Group Discussion Group recommends a method for downloading Android programs from Google Play on a computer, which can be directly downloaded to the APK file.

Google Play has a well-known alternative system. For example, paid software policies for different regions have caused "questions about the Evernote Android client in China ", for example, many Android devices without root cannot browse all applications. However, Google
Play is the first choice of native School.

To download the APK file directly from Google Play, you need

  • An Android device that supports Google Play
  • Has a Google account and can log on to Google Play
  • Use Chrome 17 + (chrome Dev version 19 ...)
  • Installing APK downloader Extension: |
    Official homepage (more steps to use, with the original official tutorials)
  • Update: APK downloader violates the Google ToS Terms and risks need to be taken into account. The author aims to download the APK file conveniently. Thank you for the wingedangel
Step 1: Disable browser SSL error warningIn Windows, you only need to create a chrome shortcut on the desktop, right-click Attribute, In TargetLast added: --Ignore-Certificate-Errors

It looks like this after adding: C :\... \ Chrome.exe--Ignore-Certificate-Errors

Then run Chrome in this shortcut to open the APK downloader option page (in the management extension page). The following changes are displayed:

OS X and Linux reference

Note: The SSL prohibition warning will also disable warnings for other encrypted websites. APK downloaderConfiguration.

Step 2: Find the device ID

Method 1: Open the dialing interface and enter* #8255 #*#*If
Gtalk Service MonitorPage, scroll around 1/5, you can find information including the jid and device ID, Here we only need
Device ID, Like a android-1234567890abcdef, your device ID is 1234567890 abcdef

Method 2: Install Android applicationsDevice IDHttps:// Id = com. redphx. DeviceID

Step 3: log on to APK downloader

Open the APK downloader option page again and enter the logon email address and password of Google Play. (For secondary verification using the Google account, you must create an application password for APK Downloader ), enter a 16-bit Android device ID and click
Login. After successful login, the following page is displayed:

In SIM operator, select the carrier you need and clickSave settingsThe settings are complete. You don't need to install programs like markeraccess on your mobile phone, you know.

Step 4: Download the APK File

After the settings are complete, run the chrome shortcut created in step 1. On any Google Play interface, you can see the following identifier in the address bar:

Click it!


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