How to Improve iOS development and improve iOS development

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How to Improve iOS development and improve iOS development

Many people asked me about how to improve iOS development on their blogs and posts. After some thoughts, I can think of the following methods to improve iOS development. I personally use these methods to improve iOS development.

Read blog

In this age of fragmented reading, the blog has been overwhelmed by Weibo. However, I insist on writing a blog and read a lot of iOS development blogs from my peers. The length of blog articles is usually about 3000 characters. Many iOS development knowledge requires at least such length to be fully explained. In addition, compared with books, a blog has not been published for a long time. Therefore, reading a blog has a very good effect on obtaining the latest iOS development knowledge.

I have carefully sorted out a list of blog addresses of over 40 iOS developers in China:Https:// everyone can cultivate the habit of reading blogs.

There are also many excellent iOS development blogs in foreign countries. Their overall quality is higher than that of Chinese Blogs. Below are some recommended blog addresses:

  • Objc. io: Http://
  • Ray Wenderlich: Http://
  • IOS Developer Tips: Http://
  • IOS Dev Weekly: Http://
  • NSHipster: Http://
  • Bartosz Ciechanowski: Http://
  • Big Nerd Ranch Blog: Http://
  • Nils Hayat: Http://

In addition, use the blog RSS aggregation tool (for exampleFeedly) To get a better Blog reading experience. There are also many excellent Blog reading tools on the mobile phone (I am using Newsify ). Reasonable use of these tools can also make full use of the fragmentation time on the subway or before going to bed.


The content of a blog can only explain one knowledge point in detail, while books can systematically introduce the entire knowledge tree. Books in China are cheaper than those in other countries, so this is actually a very cost-effective way. We recommend that you read at least one high-quality iOS development book every year.

Published last year 《IOS 7 Programming Pushing the LimitsAnd 《Objective-C advanced programming: iOS and OS X multithreading and Memory Management"Is a good book for advanced reading. By the way, I made an advertisement and I am also writing an advanced iOS book. It should be available before the end of the year.

Watch WWDC videos

As iOS development is developing rapidly, Apple brings us a lot of new knowledge every year. For this knowledge, the first-hand information is the WWDC video.

Generally, a new knowledge developed by iOS will be first published by Apple on WWDC. Then, about three months later, some domestic and foreign blogs will introduce this knowledge. In about half a year, there will be books outside China to introduce this knowledge. Therefore, if you want to learn about this knowledge as early as possible, you can only use the WWDC video.

The annual WWDC video is gradually released during the Conference. Important videos are accompanied by English subtitles. By reading these videos, you can not only get the latest iOS development knowledge, but also improve your English listening skills.

Read Apple's official documentation

Apple's official documentation is quite detailed. For unfamiliar APIs, reading the official documentation is also the most direct and effective way.

Apple has a large number of documents, which are suitable for reading. For example, the Manual for human-computer interaction is mandatory, while other content can be accessed as a key resource.

View the code of an open-source project

You must have such a feeling that it is not as intuitive to write several lines of code if you use text for half a day. By reading excellent open-source project code, you can not only learn the basic knowledge of iOS development, but also the knowledge of software architectures such as design patterns.

If you can participate in the development of open-source projects, you can further improve your capabilities.

Write more code and think more

The accumulation of knowledge is inseparable from practice and summarization. I think that if there are no more than 0.1 million lines of iOS code, it cannot be said that you are familiar with iOS development. Some students only do a few major C ++ jobs and write "proficient in C ++" on their job resumes.

While writing more code, we also need to be careful not to "duplicate the wheel" and try to ensure that the code written every time can be reused. When the code structure needs to be changed due to business needs, it should be reconstructed in a timely manner. While not leaving technical debts, we should also think about how to design the application architecture to meet the flexible and changing product requirements.

In the process of multiple reconstruction and thinking, we will gradually accumulate the "best practices" of a type of problem and become our valuable experience.

Communicate with peers

Sometimes you may encounter some technical problems that are hard to solve .. In addition, some common technical problems have been encountered before. A few simple instructions can help you quickly find the correct solution.

Domestic Developers can communicate with each other through forums, Weibo, and QQ groups. In addition, major companies sometimes run technical salons, which is also a good opportunity to know their peers.

Note that we should pay attention to the quality of discussion before talking with domestic developers. Some forums and QQ groups have a low quality of discussion, and all the questions raised can be obtained through Google, such communities must be kept away to improve their communication efficiency.

In addition to the technical community exchanges in China, we suggest that readers go abroad to stackoverflow:Http://


Sharing Methods worth trying are: initiating an open-source project, writing a technical blog, and making a report at a technical meeting. These methods are quite challenging, but if you can try them out, you will surely have a huge harvest.

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