How to implement IP, computer name, user name real-time mutual search?

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After several months of practice, the update is as follows:

First of all, my goal is to:

1: Do not install any software to the client, that is, the user information is definitely automatically generated.

2: By our It to query IP, computer name, user name any one can detect the other two information.

3: It is best not to spend money, SCCM although can check, but after all is commercial, can save money of course the best.

Here are four methods, each with a good, more difficult and more complex, in this case I practice down the practice.

Beginner's article:

The simplest way, many friends in this post also said, Group Policy batch processing to the client run, generate IP, computer name, user name to a TXT file on a shared disk.

This method is the simplest, but the query is more tired, after all, to a txt check, and the user name only domain account, no Chinese name, looks labored.

Intermediate article:

is still a group Policy, this time switch to PowerShell script to run to the client, add-content IP, computer name, user name (domain account) to a CSV file on a shared disk, and the shared disk server performs another nightly PowerShell script: function to query the domain account name from the client generated CSV file and generate a new CSV, and convertto-html to the IT admin mailbox to form a log. Such benefits can be queried to check the HTML can also check the CSV, and have a domain account display name (Chinese name)

This method is difficult to improve, need to understand the knowledge of PowerShell, and because of the HTML file, in order to be beautiful also need some HTML knowledge.

Advanced article:

Start with the same as above, the client add-content IP, computer name, username (domain account) to a CSV file on a shared disk, the server side continues to execute another PowerShell script: the function only needs to query the domain account's display name and generate a new CSV based on the domain account in the CSV file generated by the client. Then use Python to import the CSV data into MySQL. Query with Mysql-front.

This method of difficulty and raise a grade, not only need to understand PowerShell certain knowledge, but also will be certain python and MySQL, but for the query system is already very perfect, but also can have a full and practical report.

And, of course, the final season, which links the CSV data in MySQL with the front-end HTML to form real-time queries that require more advanced front-end development.

How to implement IP, computer name, user name real-time mutual search?

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