How to Install the Spring IDE in Eclipse

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Spring IDE is a very useful graphical user interface tool adding support for Spring Framework. In this tutorial, we show you the ways to install Spring IDE in Eclipse.

Version used in this tutorial:

    1. Spring IDE 2.9
    2. Eclipse 3.7
Spring IDE or SpringSource Tool Suite (STS)?
Refer to the Spring IDE vs STS PDF file for feature comparison. Personally, I go for Spring IDE-one reason–just can ' t let go my existing Eclipse, too many plugins Installed.1. Install New Software

Classic, Eclipse IDE, click "Help", "Install New software...". Type "" To access the Spring IDE update site.

Select all the Spring IDE features your want to install.

Take a long time to install and restart Eclipse after finished.

2. Eclipse Marketplace

This is the prefer-to-be, because you-no need to remember the long Spring IDE update URL. In Eclipse IDE, click on"Help", "Eclipse Marketplace", type "Spring IDE", follow the wizard To finish the installation.

Same, take a long time to install and restart Eclipse after finished.

      1. Http://
      2. Http://
      3. Http://

How to Install the Spring IDE in Eclipse

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