How to learn ASP? To amateurs who are not a professional ASP

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Enthusiasts first declare:
1 I am not an ASP master, I just rookie
2 This article is not for programmers and masters to see, is to like the amateurs of the ASP to discuss
3 My method of study is not necessarily correct, please do your own discretion

At the beginning of the learning program is just a hobby, learning ASP has been nearly two years, the past two years, no teacher, only a book bought from the bookstore, but because there is no computer program basis, it seems to see nothing to understand. The last bite, from the Internet when a few ASP program, and then from scratch 1.1 points of reading. The first is the FSO article update system, because before, I have a certain understanding of static Web page htm, found that some can understand, there is a part of the read, do not understand the place is often controlled, research, look at this interface, this can not understand the part of what is able to achieve what function, and then compared with other interfaces. The beginning is rote, then slowly unexpectedly understand a little, later can modify themselves, and then, write a little bit of their own program is no problem.

My feeling:
1 ASP need program basis, but because the ASP is relatively simple, a lot of things are relatively limited, so there is no program basis for people to learn ASP is also possible (of course, can not become a master is difficult to talk about)

2 Learning needs perseverance and hobbies, without these two points, it is impossible to learn the program

3 Learn the ASP can solve their own things, do not easily ask others, from the Internet when other programs, they are the best teachers, in the learning process, I did not know what master (mainly not this blessing, the master does not deal with me this rookie), the problem is to solve their own. The most impressed by the problems you solve

4 don't always want to ask others to use the program to their own, if you want to program, but also modify and modify, in the revision of learning, once a program has been modified by you more than 50% (I refer to the content, not the HTM interface) the program's thinking and the grammar inside you will be the basic master.

5 try to make a point of their original things: for example, a message book, the beginning can be a simple message to do the frame, and then slowly increase their thinking of the function, slowly upgrade, in the upgrade to learn.

6 If you want to learn the procedure, you should have the following plan:
Be scolded by a girlfriend or wife (of course, I am assuming you are a boyfriend), want to do deaf to prepare to work nap, your ASP technology will continue to improve ...

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