how to comment in asp

Want to know how to comment in asp? we have a huge selection of how to comment in asp information on

Why won't my ASP pages work in IIS 6.0?

Document directory Related Articles Why won't my ASP pages work in IIS 6.0? After deploying a Web site to a Windows Server 2003, You might find that your ASP pages aren't working. Let's examine a few possible scenarios.   Server cocould not be

Comparison between ASP, PHP, JSP, and ASP. NET

ASP, PHP, JSP, and ASP. NET are currently the four most popular WEB website programming languages. Currently, most websites use one of these languages. ASP is based on the WINDOWS platform and is easy to use. Because it runs on the WINDOWS platform,

ASP. net mvc Case Study (Based on ASP. net mvc beta) -- Article 7: gossip ASP. NET MVC

SummaryAs the end of ASP. net mvc case study, this article only gives some opinions on the ASP. net mvc Framework from a personal perspective. And the series will be attached at the end.Article. PrefaceThe purpose of this article is to summarize

Asp+ajax to create a no-refresh news Comment System

ajax|asp+| Refresh | no refresh I do not know on the Chinaren alumni friends have not noticed, chinaren in many aspects after the revision of a large number of changes. For example, the message and reply is no longer like before, after each

How to share session status between traditional ASP and ASP. NET

How to share session status between traditional ASP and ASP. NET Release date: 4/1/2004 | Updated on: 4/1/2004 Billy Yuen Microsoft Corporation February 2003 Applicable: Microsoft ASP. NET Abstract:This article discusses how to

ASP Error Code Description

ASP Error Code DescriptionASP 0100 insufficient memoryASP 0101 ErrorString input required for ASP 0102ASP 0103 requires numeric InputASP 0104 does not allow this operationASP 0105 subscript out of boundsASP 0106 Type MismatchASP 0107 Stack

ASP Vulnerability Analysis and Solution

1. Add a special symbol after the ASP program to see the ASP source program.Affected Versions:Win95 + PWSIis3.098 + pws4 does not have this vulnerability.This vulnerability does not exist in iis4.0 or later versions.Problem description:These special

Develop online RSS reader Based on ASP. NET Ajax technology

Document directory Abstract: This article aims to explore the development process of an online RSS reader based on Microsoft ASP. net Ajax framework (especially client technology) for a new generation of ASP. NET 2.0 development involves

24 ASP tips for improving performance and styles page 1/2

Xiangxian content: Introduction Tip 1: cache common data on a Web server Tip 2: cache common data in application or session objects Tip 3: cache data and HTML on the Web server disk Tip 4: Avoid caching non-flexible components in the

Quickly understand ASP. NET MVC

One penguin first discovered that the Earth was warming and the iceberg was melting. When he came back to tell other penguins, none of them were willing to believe it, because they thought they were living well now, I don't want to worry about how

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