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I started learning C # Based on Java. At that time, I took over a project called "remote monitoring of fire alarm information. The specific content of the project is not detailed here. At that time, I was just involved in the development of a PetStore-based jsp1.0 website (using jbuilder9) in the lab ). Because this project is mainly used for serial port operations and requires a friendly user interface, it is not appropriate to use Java for development. Because I have used TMS async32 in C ++ Builder6.0 (a communication package that provides access to the serial port components in Windows. The event-driven architecture provides the highest performance and allows all tools to run in the background) controls. Therefore, the first version of the program is completed using C ++ Builder6.0. After the project is submitted, in order to improve the system performance, including making the monitoring service into a system service, coupled with C # And. net is very attractive to some of its excellent features. In the absence of the SerialPort control at that time, I found a cracked version of the serial control (which is the specific one, and what is the name is really forgotten, however, it is of little use for the moment because. after net framework2.0 ,. net SDK with a very useful SerialPort control). In just two days, C # is used to complete the applet. At that time, two books helped me get started quickly 《. net overview, one of which is the Chinese version of C # primer. Although there are no detailed advanced winform programming examples in these two books, however, in a short time, I was changed from a Java programmer to a C # programmer. Recently I wrote a book with a high rating, called C # And. net2.0 practices-platform, language, and framework-I feel that this book is good at analyzing some insider information and is very useful.

Without the foundation of object-oriented objects, it is still a little difficult to learn the advanced content of C #. I personally think Java has always maintained its simplicity in Object-Oriented. Therefore, the introduction to object-oriented, you can learn Java first. Furthermore, Java ranks first in the current language rankings. In addition, I personally think that the competition between Java and. NET will remain for a long time. As a programmer, these two languages have to be mastered. I think the best Java teaching material is Java in a nutsheel (Java Technical Manual). Currently, the development tool netbean is more advantageous than eclipse, which is convenient and easy to use, there are many other features similar to.. net.
Many C # e-books do not have a Chinese version, and some scan versions. files may be more than 50 MB. Now, I want to send a C # e-book that is fairly proven to have been written to csdn, so that you don't want to buy C # reference books for reference.

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