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I went to listen to some experts' reports today. At that time, I felt like: Why was my English so bad? Therefore, I am determined to study hard. I have found some ways to learn computer English. I will give myself some motivation and some reference.


Master a large number of computer English terms and abbreviations; be familiar with the expressions and functions of Computer English language and idioms; Be able to read English documents andTechnical materialsYou can read over 100 words/minute. You can use dictionaries to translate professional technical books. You can communicate with others in English. You can also express your views fluently; can Write simple technical documents andProgramAnnotations.


1. select a suitable computer English Teaching Material: A foreign computer entry book "computing essentials" (McGraw-Hill Publishing Company) is used by many universities as a computer English teaching material. This book has now been photoprinted and published by the Higher Education Publishing House, titled computer professional English. The book features high timeliness (fast version updates), novelty and practicality, and lively orchestration. However, professional developers with intermediate and intermediate English skills are not too easy to understand. A Computer English book, which is very suitable for software developers, has been published by the Mechanical Industry Publishing House and is one of the "key university computer textbooks" series of the club. It should be noted that the book is most suitable for programmers who have CET4 in English, because the selection of this book is directly from foreign computer textbooks and publications, technical documents and professional papers, it elite comments, and an encyclopedia of computer science.

2. Reading a large number of English books and materials in daily work is the best way to improve computer English proficiency. Make sure that you read at least 1-2 Original computation books in one year, and continue to read them. At present, a large number of original computer photoprinting books on the market provide us with great opportunities. Reading English computer books is a "chew" feeling at the beginning, which is time-consuming and laborious. If you are not very good at reading, pick up the pen and translate it line by line, this helps improve your English proficiency. Experienced programmers can use their professional background knowledge and context to make bold guesses, which is conducive to improving reading speed. It doesn't matter if you don't want to understand it. You can make up for it by reading more similar books. When you read more original computation books, you will find some very regular things and some commonly used words. These experience from practice is very valuable and will benefit you for the rest of your life. Generally, after reading 2-3 original versions, you will be able to read the original version. It is worth mentioning that the true pleasure of reading the original version is not only to improve the English proficiency, but also to get a way of thinking that is consistent with that of Westerners. This way of thinking is extremely beneficial to learning computer technology, because computer technology and even modern scientific systems are built on this way of thinking. You can always read English computer books
"This feeling means that when reading, you do not need to convert English into Chinese. Instead, you can directly think and communicate with the author on the same level online. So far, we have achieved breakthroughs in both English and computer skills. This is also the secret to the success of many computer experts.

3. Access as many technical forums and websites as possible. Do not use the help of localization.

4. Use English comments in the program. Do not use Chinese or Chinese pinyin as the variable name, field name, file and folder name.

5. Enhance Listening and Speaking Training. watch at least 1-2 Original movies (VCD/DVD) every month. Try not to watch subtitles to improve your sense of language and listening.

6. Do not read Chinese and English Contrast books, but you can read annotation books. Use the English-English dictionary instead of the English-English dictionary.

7. Record and review new words every day. For abbreviations, you must understand the English meaning of each letter.

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