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Have a certain CSS based, if you want to continue in-depth study, you can refer to the following points.

After learning CSS has a certain foundation, some people will feel as if there is nothing to learn. Because I know some basic theoretical stuff. CSS says it's easy because its knowledge points are limited. Say it is difficult to learn is the browser to the degree of support for CSS different.
How to further study I give the following points to see the meaning:
1. To look for opportunities to do more projects, companies, or outsource, even if you do not have to earn renminbi to do.
This is not more to do will be good results, some people do a lot of the project is always according to the old thinking to do, do a lot, the level will not be too much improvement, can only be a proficiency. Each time in the process to learn to think, see if we have a more optimized way to achieve the same effect. One more digression: There is a mistaken view that hack is bad. The idea is also wrong. We are doing the page when the principle is not to use hack, but if in special need sometimes still want to use, the premise is you do not hack, some people's ability is limited, so he has no way to use hack, many times can change a thought can not hack. Say it more. To finish the project encountered a new problem, be sure to take notes down, later forget also can know where to find this problem.
2. More to the BBS, so you can see some other people in the project encountered problems. This is a cumulative process, you see a lot of things. Master more, because you do the project is limited, it is impossible to put all the problems encountered, others encountered you to think, see how to solve. Or see how other people solve the problem. When you encounter this problem in a project, you can not spend a lot of time on the matter of a few minutes. The difference between experience and no experience is this, the experienced person is not a genius, is he does more things, a look at know how to solve. And inexperienced people will now think how to solve this problem, it can take a lot of time.
3. Look at some foreign good CSS web site, CSS code is open, you can easily see. Analyze their pages and CSS. From a good site you will learn a lot of things, and you have a comparison, you will find that their ideas are more open than you, but also more excellent.

The process of learning will experience a few steps before the state, each raised to a small stage will feel that there is no learning, this situation is normal. It's because your learning mentality is limited, but after this period, you will find what you are going to learn, and then you will have a new stop-lift phase.

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