How to make VIM a new integrated development environment

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Let GUI all play eggs! The mouse is your enemy! Only the keyboard is your only friend! What would happen if Vim and Tmux were combined? You will have the perfect programming environment! Here are some of the secrets I've treasured over the years, and with these, you'll be able to easily create your vim development environment right away.

Tmux related

Tmux Crash Course, this is good, so you can quickly learn how to start using Tmux.

This is my tmux.conf configuration file, it has a custom status bar, can greatly improve the color theme, optimize readability, there is an essential operation: Reset the shortcut will, because the ctrl+bvim to use, so it helped you to the CTRL + A.

In fact, building the optimization IDE is as easy as writing a bash script. The example in the link shows how to write an. sh script to run your own programming environment.

Vim Plugin

Vundle,vim plug-in manager, which allows you to track all Plug-ins in the. vimrc file, as well as one-click installation, update, or deletion of the script. Well, I'll tell you. Can you also search for plug-ins directly in vim? In short, this plug-in expansion is definitely home travel, pillage of vim must jiapin.

Syntastic can detect whether the syntax is correct, write code to avoid low-level errors, this tool is essential, it does greatly improve your code writing speed.

See more highlights of this column: http://www.bianceng.cn

Supertab, this plugin can help you with automatic completion. It searches for all the strings in the current document and then gives all the matching suggestions. The benefits of writing code are not just the speed of ascension, but also the avoidance of many spelling mistakes. If interested, in the last part of this article users recommend that there is a substitute for this plugin.

ack,99% users will choose to use it instead of grep. It is perfectly integrated in Vim, where users can search for project files directly, and search results are displayed in a separate window. In the last part of this article users recommend, there is also a substitute for this plugin.

CTRLP can quickly blur search full path files, buffers, "Recently used" (MRU) and tags, and so on, purely written in viml, specifically for Vim search.

Nerdtree can help you navigate through the file system, open the file or directory. It displays the entire file system in a tree structure, supporting keyboard operations and simple file system operations.

Sparkup can help you write HTML code faster. Supports class CSS syntax and full HTML extension code. In the last part of this article users recommend, there is also a substitute for this plugin.


Vimux can help you interact with Tmux in Vim. For example, testing, scripting, setting up tasks, and so on, without having to leave vim.

Automatic installation Vundle This article introduces a few lines of VIML scripts to be added to the. VIMRC configuration file so that every time you run vim in a new environment, it automatically installs Vundle and all associated packages. This is useful when you copy the Vim profile to a new environment or to a new server.

A developer's success story describes how he left his once-trusted MacBook Pro and switched to the ipad + Linode to start development on the cloud.

User recommendation

Youcompleteme, recommended by Reddit user Hnasarat. It's a little bit cumbersome to install, but it supports very powerful grammar complements, including C, Ruby, Python, PHP, and many other languages.

Ag, recommended by GCKJK, most Reddit users know it, this is an upgrade version of the ACK, speed 3 to 5 times times faster. It can read. Gitignore and. Hgignore, or. Agignore, thus ignoring some of the matching files that were ignored by the version control software (I don't think you have the intention to search for it most of the time).

Emmet, recommended by another senior Reddit user damnated. This is a sparkup alternative that can be used to tag strings quickly and easily. There are sample demo videos in the link.

Unite by the Netizen Basetta recommend, it can act as the synthesizer of the front many plug-ins. You can use it to search for files (like CTRLP), search for document content (like ACK or AG), and move and switch between the drop history or buffer. All of these features are integrated in this one plug-in, very convenient!


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