How to set up the computer on a regular boot?

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Set up the computer regularly

The first step: when the computer boot, we press with their own computer shortcut keys into the BIOS (the article concludes our common computer access to the BIOS method) "Power Management Setup",--"Resume by Alarm" Timing boot option is off.

The second step: then we use the keyboard down arrow to move the cursor to the "Resume byalarm" item, and then use the "Page down" key to "Disabled" to "Enabled", at this time "Resume by Alarm" The date and time settings that were originally grayed out will lighten.

Step three: Then move the cursor to the "date Alarm" and we use "Page down" to set a date between 1-31.

Fourth step: And then set the time here, and so on, we also use the cursor to move to "time Alarm", according to the need to set the specific times, the time pattern is generally "hours: minutes: seconds:".

Fifth step: Save the settings to exit the BIOS. Thereafter, in the shutdown state, when the clock in the BIOS jumps to the set time, the machine will start automatically.

attach computer to BIOS key

Desktop Award BIOS: Press "Del" key;

Desktop Ami BIOS: Press the "Del" key or "ESC" key;

The BIOS of most notebooks: Press "F2" key, also have press "F10" key;

IBM (Cold Boot Press F1, part of the new number can be restarted when the press F1)

HP (press F2 when starting and restarting)

SONY (press F2 when starting and restarting)

Dell (press F2 when starting and restarting)

Acer (press F2 when starting and restarting)

Toshiba (Press ESC and press F1 when cold boot)

Compaq (press F10 when the flashing cursor appears on the upper right corner, or press F10 on boot)

Fujitsu (press F2 at startup and reboot)

Cloud Habitat Community Small series reminds you, if your motherboard BIOS does not support the regular boot function that this tutorial does not have any effect on you oh.

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