How to solve the problem that cannot be started after Apache connects to PHP

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How to solve the problem that cannot be started after Apache connects to PHP

This article describes how to solve the problem that cannot be started after Apache connects to PHP. It is simple and practical. If you need it, you can refer to it.

Problem: apache is normal before, and cannot be started after the PHP connection is configured. An error is reported after the apache Test Configration Test is used:

Cannot load D:/php/php5apache2_2.dll into server (or php5apache2_4.dll)

My personal solution is like this:

1. Check the configuration path first. Check whether the spelling is correct.

2 there was no problem with apache before, so I thought the PHP version was incorrect. I first downloaded 5.6, and the module file inside was php5apache2_4.dll, So I thought PHP was okay, baidu yisearch may find that the correct VC library version is missing.

3. I checked the php package (preferably downloaded from the official website). The file name prompts VC9 (as if it was, I deleted this package later, but this is not important), and then find the following section:

Php5.5 uses the vc11 compiler, php5.4 and php5.3 use vc9, and php5.2 use vc6. Pay attention to the x86 or x64 versions. Currently, only php5.5 provides x64, and other versions only support x86.

Apache downloaded from is of vc6 version. Otherwise, different runtime libraries will be installed according to different file instructions.

Vc11 run library x86/x64 version: Id = 30679

Vc10 run library x86 version: Id = 5555

Vc10 run library x64 version: Id = 14632

Vc9 running library x86 version: Id = 5582

Vc9 run library x64 version: Id = 15336

However, after downloading and installing the VC library, I thought it was okay, but still reported the same error...

4. I deleted the downloaded VC library and tried it again. It still doesn't work, and it still doesn't work if I downloaded VC10 again. Fuck!

5. It is definitely not a problem with the VC library or apache, but it is still a problem with PHP. As a result, I downloaded a lower version of PHP5.3.5 on the official website. After decompression, I found that the module File of this version was changed to php5apache2_2.dll, while php5apache2_4.dll was used in version 5.6, then I downloaded another PHP version and found that there were no module files in it!

6. So I thought it might be a problem with this file. So I switched to version 5.3.5 and Nima !!!

7. Check a previously opened webpage and roll it down. There is a description to solve this problem:

If Apache/PHP cannot be started, it is most likely a problem with the php5_module module:

1. the PHP module corresponding to Apache2.0 is php5apache2. dll.

2. the PHP module corresponding to Apache2.2 is php5apache2_2.dll.

3. the PHP module corresponding to Apache2.4 is php5apache2_4.dll.

In other words, according to the php5_module module, you can know which Apache is supported by php in the current version.

Therefore, Apache/PHP can be used in the following situations:

1. php5.2 supports Apache2.0 and Apache2.2;

2. php5.3 and php5.4 support both Apache2.2 and Apache2.4;

3. php5.5 only supports Apache2.4

8. You can solve the problem earlier by rolling one more screen. Remember not to be lazy ..

The above is all the content of this article. I hope you will like it.

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