How to split data of the CString type in MFC and that of the cstring type in mfc

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How to split data of the CString type in MFC and that of the cstring type in mfc

[It is easy to learn, but it is inevitable that there are some mistakes. If there are any errors, please advise]

There is a library function Tokenize () in MFC ();

Function prototype: CStringT Tokenize (PCXSTR pszTokens, int & iStart) const;

This function can be used to separate CString characters.

Set the buffer beforehand. The split string requires a buffer for storage, such as a container or character array.

If you do not know how many segments will be divided, we recommend using a container or dynamic character array as a buffer zone.

The number of cycles is the number of paragraphs to be divided. For example, if you want to divide the number into three segments, Set 3.


1 CString str = "abc, def, ghi"; // the string to be split. 2 vector <CString> Temp; // each part after the split, 3 int pos = 0 in the container, respectively. // tag parameter 4 for (int I = 0; I <3; I ++) 5 {6 Temp required by the function. push_back (str. tokenize (","), pos); 7 // if each element in temp is output, abc def ghi8 is output respectively}

Output result:

Cout <Temp [0] <endl; cout <Temp [1] <endl; cout <Temp [2] <endl; // print: abc // def // ghi


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