How to test the radiation-proof ability of computer chassis

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Although the radiation intensity of the computer is not big, but for the long-term use of the computer Office users, the harm is still relatively large, although a lot of chassis are very exaggerated to say that our chassis is absolutely radiation, this is just advertising rhetoric, today, the computer network editor to talk to you about how to understand how a certain brand of chassis radiation protection ability .

The chassis now sold on the market, regardless of brand size, claimed to be able to prevent radiation. However, due to the different workmanship and materials, the radiation capacity of each chassis varies greatly. So what kind of chassis radiation capacity is stronger? Here are some ways to see and hand touch, to determine the radiation capacity of the chassis.

  First look: steel plate to be thick

The chassis's radiation-proof function is excellent, mainly to see its use of the plate. At present, most of the radiation-proof chassis in the market are galvanized steel plate, which has a strong adsorption on low-frequency electromagnetic waves, can effectively withstand high-frequency electromagnetic waves. Good radiation-proof chassis, galvanized steel thickness of more than 0.8mm. And some inferior low-cost chassis in order to save costs, are the use of very thin steel plate, the thickness is below 0.6mm, can not achieve a very good radiation-proof effect. When you buy, just use your finger to press the chassis, or take up the chassis probably weigh it. In addition, you can also take down the side plate, a little hard to break, to see if it is easily deformed.

  Second look: The details of the part to be done

Front panel is directly facing the computer user side, the front of the rack in the board if the use of hollow design for users is very dangerous. Anti-radiation chassis are all closed front plate rack, which can effectively prevent radiation directly facing the human body. For example, the front USB interface bit, the optical drive bit, the back-side stall interface, etc., must have a high degree of seamless design to prevent electromagnetic radiation leakage. And the chassis vent is often caused by electromagnetic leakage is an important factor, which is hexagonal heat dissipation hole, compared to circular and square cooling hole more radiation-proof ability.

  The third view: the single side spraying process effect is better

As a result of double-sided paint processing chassis will allow the board to reduce the conductivity of the steel, damage to the radiation capability, so a good radiation-proof capacity of the chassis, the top/side plate will be used single-sided spraying process. And some shanzhai manufacturers, in order to make the case beautiful, attract buyers eyeball, but will use double-sided paint processing chassis side baffle.

  Four: EMI shrapnel design is very important

In addition, the shields with 5-inch and 3.5-inch mounting bits will use a steel sheet with radiation-proof shrapnel and a radiation-proof groove to shield the electromagnetic radiation more effectively but many shanzhai or poorly shielded enclosures tend to overlook this. It is to be noted that because the EMI radiation-proof Shrapnel + contact This design can strengthen the side plate and the chassis body sealing effect, the chassis skeleton and other components connected together, and prevent radiation from the gap outflow, so EMI radiation-proof Shrapnel + contact design is very important and radiation good chassis, Its dense EMI contacts are even distributed in chassis base, panel, top cover, back panel, power connector.

We can according to the above mentioned several parts to carefully identify the radiation chassis good or bad, in addition to some of the internal chassis connectors will also become electromagnetic leakage of the channel, and will be wired to make stranded wire can be very good shielding electromagnetic waves. Anti-radiation chassis, will be presented with magnetic ring, can effectively prevent the leakage of electromagnetic waves.

In fact, we sometimes think about it, low price products say radiation-proof ability is very good, but found that the material and thickness of the chassis is obviously passable, so it is recommended that the long-term use of computer friends choose the chassis to choose the best Word-of-mouth, or to search the Internet related products information, in order to buy their own satisfaction with the computer products.

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