How to use ASP to remove three highest points and three lowest points

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Today also helped a netizen, my slogan is "to help others for happiness!"

Question: How to achieve the use of ASP to remove three highest points and three minimum points?
Solution Idea:
1, sorting the entire array, delete both ends of the three maximum and three minimum values (another user proposed!) )
2, pick out three of the largest number and three minimum number, delete it! (My train of thought!) )

I think my method should be feasible, because the number of deleted is only three maximum, three minimum, there is no need to all the numbers are sorted, especially when the data are many, will waste a lot of resources! I wrote the following preface:
<% @LANGUAGE = "VBSCRIPT" codepage= "936"%>
Dim Arr
Arr=array (91,39,46,24,14,56,31,32,56,89)

Call Deletemax (UBound (ARR), 3) ' Removes the three maximum number!
Call Getback () ' Each number is called-1, the smallest number into the maximum number!
Call Deletemax (UBound (ARR), 3) ' Deletes the three maximum number after 1!
Call Getback () ' Restore each number
For kk= 0 to UBound (ARR) ' Output per number
Response.Write (ARR (KK))
Response.Write ("<br>")
Sub Deletemax (Arr_total,willdelete)
For m= 1 to Willdelete
For i= 0 to Arr_total-m
If ARR (i) >arr (i+1) Then
Call Swap (ARR (i), ARR (i+1))
End If
ReDim Preserve ARR (arr_total-m)
End Sub
Sub Swap (Num_a,num_b) ' Swap two numbers
End Sub
Sub Getback ()
For L=0 to UBound (ARR)
ARR (L) =arr (L) *-1
End Sub
%> There are three subroutines:
1, Deletemax (arr_total,willdelete)
Function: Deletes a number of maximum numbers, Arr_total: The maximum available subscript for the array, Willdelete: The number of maximum numbers that will be deleted.

2. Swap (Num_a,num_b)
Function: Swap two numbers

3, Getback ()
function: Multiply each element of the array by 1, and the smallest number to the maximum number!

Help people experience:
Experiment with how to delete an array element!
Cleverly apply ReDim and preserve statements, such as:
Dim A ()
ReDim A (10)
' Want to delete the sixth element a (5)
For n= 5 to UBound (A)-1
A (n) =a (n+1)
ReDim Preserve A (UBound (a)-1) above the code, can be completed, do not believe you try ...

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