How to use Oracle to block English prompts

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The following articles mainly describe how to use Oracle to block two useful practical methods for prompting information in English, if you are a crazy Oracle community that blocks technical applications that prompt information in English, do not miss the following articles.

1. Compress system information and prohibit system information from being displayed on the Information Line.

Oracle form defines an important level for each information to indicate whether the information is important or not. There are six levels:

0. All information

5 reiterate clear conditions

The operator encountered a process error.

The operator attempted to execute the action not designed by the form

Unable to continue due to triggering sub-problems or some other prominent problems

A condition that may cause the form to incorrectly complete the task

25 developers cannot compress information

The maximum information level that developers can compress is 25. Use the following statement to disable system information display:

System. massege-level: = '25 ′;

Do Not Display System information with the information level not greater than 25:

System. suppress-working: = 'true ′;

Disable the display of work information when the system processes an action

Note: This method can only shield system information with the information level less than or equal to 25.

2. Intercept System Information and convert it to Chinese Character prompt information

There are two triggers in Oracle form: on-erro and on-message, the system error information and notification information are displayed respectively. (when the operator is notified that the hacker is blacklisted by the hacker? When triggered, the pl/SQL code is inserted into the trigger child to enable Oracle to block Chinese characters and replace the English prompt information with the English prompt information. For example, insert the following encoding into the on-erro trigger:


If erro-code = 40202 and error-type = 'frm ′

Then message ('field value must be entered! '); Bell;

End if;


In this way, when "form -- 40202" is incorrect, the Oracle blocking English prompt information of the system information line will change from the original English "field must be enterd" to the Chinese character "field value must be entered! ".

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