How to use the Linux uucp command

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UUCP is a protocol that is connected by serial lines between Unix systems. Uucp uses the UUCP protocol to transfer files.


Uucp [-cCdfjmrRtvW] [-g <Grade>] [-I <Configuration File>] [-n <user>] [-x <type>]

[-- Help] [... source] [purpose]

Parameter description:

  • -C or -- nocopy does not need to copy the file to the buffer.
  • -C or -- copy copies the file to the buffer.
  • -D or -- directiories automatically create necessary directories in the [destination] when transferring files.
  • -F or -- nodirectiories when transferring files, if you need to create a directory in the [destination], discard this job.
  • -G <level> or -- grade <level> specifies the priority of file transfer jobs.
  • -I <Configuration File> or -- config <Configuration File> specifies the uucp configuration file.
  • -J or -- jobid indicates the job id.
  • -M or -- mail indicates whether the job is successfully completed by email after the job is completed.
  • -N <user> or -- policy <user>: After the job is completed, report to the specified user by email whether the job is successfully completed.
  • -R or -- nouucico do not immediately start the uucico service program. Only jobs are sent to the queue and will be executed later.
  • -R or -- recursive: If [source] is a directory, the entire directory contains subdirectories and is copied to [destination].
  • -T or -- uuto treats the last parameter as "host name! User ".
  • -V or -- version displays version information.
  • -W or -- noexpand do not add the current directory to the path.
  • -X <type> or -- debug <type> starts the specified troubleshooting mode.
  • -- Help: displays help.
  • [Source...] specifies the source file or path.
  • [Purpose] specify the target file or path.


Transfer all files under the temp/directory to the Public/directory under the uucp Public directory of the remote host localhost. Enter the following command in the command line:

Uucp-d-R temp localhost ~ /Public/

This command is usually not output

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