How to write a paper <a low-energy data fusion privacy protection algorithm espart> (Journal of computer science 2011-5, Wang Anqi)

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This is a paper I have spent a month in my postgraduate studies. It takes only a month to design and write a paper. It can be more than just a few minutes to publish, add, modify, and wait for the paper to be published, I remember writing started in November 2010. I wrote it in December 2010. I made a draft at the end of 2010. I changed it several times in early 2011 and finally published it in May.

In November 2010, my tutor said that there were many topics that could be studied on wireless sensor networks, and the Data Fusion privacy protection was in a different direction. Let me study it well. Since then, I have been immersed in my thesis work, and my previous postgraduate life is soaking in the library, reading various technical and social science books that I can't understand. Now I think back to it, the previous life of reading books has a great impact on the creation of this paper, such as algorithm books and micro-economics books. My thesis is hard and hard to work. It usually goes from AM to the lab. I have lunch at noon and have a lunch break for an hour. I stayed at AM and went back to my bedroom. I also occasionally played basketball in the afternoon to relax, when I stayed in the lab, I had been reading international papers. (there were not a few decent papers in China). I listened to music while taking notes and often talked to my deskmate, because the research direction was somewhat similar, the soothing background music at that time could also be done with peace of mind. This is what life looks like in this month. It is plain and efficient, because we need to constantly understand the ideas of various papers, and break down these ideas in our minds, let's see if we can work together. We don't feel bored. There are often various new ideas. I thought down this idea. No, pass, that idea is not good enough. I came up with a seemingly reliable idea, discussed and discussed it, and communicated with the mentor. It was good and feasible, do the simulation and verify from the facts.

Simulation, said the same took up half a month of work. In writing a thesis, I thought about a good idea for half a month, simulation for half a month, and writing an article for a few days. Simulation was a headache at the time, because there were no other people in the Division, including the senior and senior sisters, who only heard about it in their papers, he came to the conclusion of what simulation tools he used. The simulation tools were different. They were used differently, and the jobs they could do were different. At the beginning, I also used MATLAB. I used a lot of people, and I had a lot of books. I was able to get started with it. When I was writing code, it is too difficult to use it to implement my algorithms. It is too theoretical and there is no previous Code foundation for Iot. Later, I used the simulation tool tossim, which was used in a previous good paper and was never used by anyone around me. I tried it myself and went to its forum to go around, in fact, the Code style is similar, as long as the logic can be clearly stated. Half a month later, the simulation data was recorded on several pages, and the data was available. It was really good to compare it with the conclusions of the previous paper, and the performance was quite improved. The following is a picture. Let's sort out the ideas and explain the performance clearly. It's good to say this to the mentor. You can write an article.

Espart is the name of this algorithm given to me when I wrote an article. It didn't take a few days for me to write a paper. In less than a week, I just gave the first draft to my tutor and changed it, I made some comments and saw where to accept this article. It happened that the computer Journal (EI) was collecting and I tried to vote. The rest was waiting.

Later, during the winter vacation, after completing the winter vacation internship enrollment, I made a few moves and was accidentally recruited by Nokia Siemens Technology Co., Ltd, maybe it was because I used Java for Android mobile client development before. nosi paid a considerable salary to interns and went to Hangzhou to start a half-working life, hangzhou is a wonderful place. Well, it's far away. This is the ins and outs of the espart paper. I will share this process with you and give you an introduction to the younger siblings and what the essay looks like, how to write a good paper.

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