How Windows computer converts text to audio readings

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messy pages quickly change to simple text

As the content of the Web page is formatted according to a certain format, and we do text conversion only need plain text files, so first of all, we need to collate the information on the Web page. First, open the Layout Assistant tool and paste the copied content into the tool window. If the copied information was previously mixed, then the annotation information for the picture is now deleted, and no paragraphs need to be deleted. And now some Web content will exist between the phrase space, in order to avoid reading the conversion of cotton, so then in the tool window under the "Will" option to type a space bar, and then in the "Replace with" option inside blank. Finally click the "Replace All" button, you can complete the space of bulk replacement operation.

Now click the Options button in the toolbar, select the "Delete empty paragraph" option in the paragraph option, and then select whether the paragraphs are blank lines as needed. If the copied information includes traditional Chinese, then in the "Simplified conversion" option, select the "Convert to simplified Characters" item, and then click "OK" when the setting is complete to close the window (Figure 1). Next click the "Layout" button in the toolbar so that the page information is converted to the desired text file style (Figure 2). Finally, click the "Save" button in the toolbar to save the information as a plain text file.



Easily convert audio files

Next we can convert the text file to the audio file through the reading software. First download and install the latest version of the "read aloud female" software, click on the right side of the window "Add" button, in the pop-up dialog box to select the text file just finished. The latest version of "read aloud women" can choose either online speech synthesis or offline speech synthesis. If the user is connected to the Internet at the time of operation, then click the "Choose the Voice of the Network" button, from the pop-up menu to choose the pronunciation of the person's request. The biggest advantage of online speech synthesis is that not only can choose common Mandarin, but also can choose Sichuan dialect, Henan dialect, Cantonese and other local dialects (Fig 3). If users are not able to operate online, they can only take advantage of Microsoft's TTS speech synthesis engine.


When the speaker chooses to finish, click the "Start Aloud" button to see if the software's reading effect meets your personal needs. If you are not satisfied, you can also click the "Speed" and "tone" button, in the pop-up dialog box to drag the slider to adjust, until they think it is more satisfactory. Next click the "Generate Sound File" button, in the pop-up menu, select the "Convert current content to audio files" command. Then select "MP3 sound file" in the "Save Type" list in the pop-up dialog box, and then click the "Save" button, and a dialog box will pop up, where you can choose whether or not to generate LRC lyrics file options (Figure 4). According to their own needs to set, and finally click the "Start Build" button, you can start the audio file conversion operation.

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