I cannot buy an iPhone! The media exposed 68 bugs

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Apple The iPhone is undoubtedly the most popular mobile phone at present. You can find 192,000,000 pieces of related information in Google. At the same time, Apple's iPhone is currently the most controversial mobile phone. On the one hand, media reports are about 1/ 3 Americans are planning to purchase the iPhone, and 90% of users are satisfied with the iPhone, and even have delivered it to the altar of the most successful product in the 21st century. On the other hand, reports that question the iPhone and find its flaws are often endless. Media that hold on to the iPhone's shortcomings are also not a minority. A few days ago, another one named AP Plehound posted a long list of 68 bugs that have been verified by the iPhone. It is estimated that this is the most comprehensive defect of Apple's iPhone.


Applehound said that all 68 bugs they listed have been tested on two iPhones to ensure that all users can reproduce them on their iPhone. However, many bugs are not obvious and will not appear every time in daily use. Even some problems that are regarded as bugs are actually regarded as normal by Apple, but they are just a matter of identification standards. Of course, applehound also admitted that although there are 68 bugs, this does not mean that the iPhone vulnerability has reached a terrible level. In fact, "OS XOperating SystemIt is very reliable. It is not easy to find so many problems in the iPhone, and most of the so-called "bugs" Here are small issues on the Interface display.

The 68 bug categories on the current iPhone include:

8 calendars

6 photos

YouTube 2


Four Google Maps

7 weather items

8 clock

One Calculator

One notepad

Set 3

Six telephone Functions

2 emails


IPodFour functions

Four others

Among them, there is only one bug marked as a serious bug, which may lead to 7 system crashes, and most of them are minor UI problems, in addition, some so-called bugs also occur due to differences in understanding. In addition, the website has provided a list of all bugs to Apple's official website to fix them as soon as possible so that all users can have a more perfect iPhone.

In addition, a foreign professional iPhone website has announced that the iPhone has been written into a Chinese version in their omnipotent lab. Currently, the iPhone supports at least four languages: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and German, the specific Program will be released soon. (Text/it168)

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