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Easy to play iPhone 3gs (Third edition)

Easy to play iPhone 3gs (Third edition) Basic Information Scott Kelby Terry whiteTranslator: Gu rongjie [same translator's work]Press: Electronic Industry PressISBN: 9787121103629Mounting time:Published on: February 1, March 2010Start: 16Other Details View: http://www.china-pub.com/196630 Introduction The iPhone/iPhone

IPhone 3g/3gs (locked) baseband and navigation functions

PS: no navigation function is available after upgrade to baseband 06.15, Unless your iPhone baseband is already 05.14 or 05.15 and you need to upgrade it to 06.15, we recommend that you do not upgrade it for the time being. PreviousIt cannot be downgraded back to the old baseband. Now the new version can be downgraded back to the baseband, but some machines still cannot be downgraded, depending on your luck. My personal character is guaranteed,

Nexus One, droid and iPhone 3gs usage experience

News source: Gu AOGizmodo editor Jason Chen has the opportunity to play with Nexus One by a secret. To sum up, even if it is not an iPhone killer, it is definitely a droid killer. It is very thin and fast, and everything is even better.Since the secret did not let me take pictures, this is not a gorgeous evaluation of "Multi-image cat killing". I just talked about its comparison with droid and iPhone

Mobile links (3)-"Will Microsoft Yahoo reach a Web search engine agreement ?" "IPhone 3gs cracked in two minutes", etc.

admit that I cannot identify which message is true, so I will identify it for everyone. No, some media said that the Acer Android netbook is on the right track and can be released in the third quarter. Which news is true? I think there will be an official news later. For more information, see here. The new iPhone 3gs was cracked within two minutes. Internet site News outside China, the industry generally b

Unload 18 iPhones... iPhone 3gs dismounting... picture of the truth... Attachment steps!

The above article comes from: http://bbs.weiphone.com/read-htm-tid-690196.html For more detailed dismounting tutorial... please switch!!! 18-piece unloaded iphone... HD rebuild ....!!!Http://bbs.weiphone.com/read.php? Tid = 694261 page = 1 toread = 1 # TPC In the September 3 s of the first semester of the first year, 2 GB was listed as 1200, and so was the speed of 3gs...But ....The cup happened .... the

Root causes and solutions for iPhone 3g/3gs HOME key failure

greatly increased, but it is not perfect yet. Next we will use my favorite Weller Solder! Use the Solder Pad to slightly point some solder on the two pieces of metal on the wire, so that the conductive part is raised upwards, and the contact with the screen is enhanced. The solder temperature is about F, so it should not be too high or too long. Otherwise, the cable will be burned out. Today, my work is in bad shape. Close the lid ...... The Home key came back perfectly! overall co

Apple deliberately slowed down the old iPhone to force consumers to buy a new iPhone ?, Next-generation iphone

Apple deliberately slowed down the old iPhone to force consumers to buy a new iPhone ?, Next-generation iphone First, let's get a group of images from Google Trends. (Google Trends records the number of related keyword searches in a certain period of time .) If you do data, you should feel something. Especially fo

Apple iphone online/offline/second-hand Buy fraud guide

The iphone's popularity has led to dishonest traders to sell fake iphones to make great pains, means is also a variety of! Below for everyone to tidy up some netizens share the iphone trading cheat experience, I hope you have seen dry goods, do not be fooled! This article involves online, second-hand iphone trading, I hope everyone can buy their own satisfied wit

What to pay attention to buy second-hand iphone?

The iphone is expensive. It is well known that sometimes it is a good choice to buy some nice second-hand iphones. However, the second-hand trade is very deep, many times we do not know that we face a second-hand iphone will have quality problems. Small series for everyone summed up more than 10 buy second-hand

Is Apple deliberately slowing the old iphone to force consumers to buy a new generation of iphones?

information:These two pictures of the iphone and GS of the major updates are also marked out, the law at a glance.The first image of the Gu Feng period "coincides with" several major upgrades to the iphone, and from the second picture we can see that each time the update of Samsung Galaxy S has not caused a significant increase in search volume.The specific conclusions and analyses that they have come to s

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