I do Linux development work, the first time to 51cto, you take care of

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Let's talk about my situation first. I am engaged in the development of Linux system, the main direction of the project is the EDM mail system to build work, the use of the Linux framework, in this regard has been considered small. If you have friends who work in this area, you can exchange them together.

Want to make some friends in this area of technology development, including Linux and EDM system technology development. There is a friend interested in the EDM, or is studying the Daniel, can also make a friend to Exchange OH.

The future post direction is mainly the Linux EDM system development of some problems and experience sharing, no soul chicken soup, only technical dry, and some do not understand the problem will also consult you. I hope you have a lot of attention.

My qq:196060268, look forward to making a study of Linux you, together refueling!

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I do Linux development work, the first time to 51cto, you take care of

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