Implement placeholder and UITextView of uitextview

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Implement placeholder and UITextView of uitextview

We know that during iOS development, the UITextField control has a placeholder attribute. The usage of UITextField is similar to that of UITextView. There are two differences: 1. UITextField single row input, while UITextView can be multiple rows input. 2. UITextField has the placeholder attribute, but UITextView does not. As for the proxy methods of the two, the principle is basically the same, but the method name is slightly different.

How to add a placeholder function for UITextView is actually a simple method, which can be implemented in three steps:

1. assign a value to the text attribute when creating a textView.

That is, textView. text = @ "what you want to say ";

2. perform the following operations in the edit proxy method:


-(Void) textViewDidBeginEditing :( UITextView *) textView {

If ([textView. text isEqualToString: @ "what you want to say"]) {

TextView. text = @"";



3. Complete the following operations in the end edit proxy method:

-(Void) textViewDidEndEditing :( UITextView *) textView {

If (textView. text. length <1 ){

TextView. text = @ "what you want to say ";




After three simple steps above, you can implement the placeholder function. Of course, you can also customize a UITextView to beautify it, such as adding the placeholder text color and other attributes.

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