Install and supplement Apache axis2 1.5.4 plug-ins in eclipse Environment

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I have introduced how to install Apache axis2 1.4.1 in eclipse 3.6. Do not install Apache axis2 1.5.1. Otherwise, the installation will fail.

Yesterday, due to environment updates, Apache axis2 1.5.4 was re-installed. The update is successful in the drop in mode!

The procedure is as follows:

1. To
Download the latest 1.5.4 and decompress it to D:/2000/Java/axis2,

Note that my environment variable is (java_home = D:/2000/Java/jdkupdate)

Modify the related BAT files under axis2/bin. There are four files in total.Axis2.
. BAT andWsdl2java
. Bat

Add the following three lines to the first line of the four BAT files:

Set java_home = D:/2000/Java/jdkupdate

Set axis2_home = D:/2000/Java/axis2

Set axis2_class_path = % axis2_home %/lib

Bat, OK!

2. To
Download the latest code generator Wizard guide for Eclipse plug-in and decompress it to D:/2000/Java/Eclipse/dropins.

Path: D:/2000/Java/Eclipse/dropins/axis2-eclipse-codegen-plugin-1.5.4

And D:/2000/Java/Eclipse/dropins/axis2-eclipse-service-plugin-1.5.4

Now, open eclipse 3.6.2 to see the familiar axis2 wizard interface.


Note: A friend reported that it is eclipse classic 3.6.2,
The wizard interface cannot appear,

Solution: Download
Eclipse IDE for Java developers
Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers


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