Install Django in Windows

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Install Django and start WEB Services in Windows

PythonIf the python editing environment appears, it indicates that Python has been installed. Even if python is not installed by default in Linux, installing python and Django on Linux is simple. It is a little complicated in Windows, and may involve environment variable configuration and other problems.

Xzvf Django-* .tar.gz

2) cd Django -*(Go to the decompressed directory)

3) sudo python setup. py install(Execute setup. py for installation)

C: \ Python27; C:/Python27/Lib/site-packages/django; C:/Python27/Scripts. After adding it, you can use Django's command to create a new project.

Django environment is configured, you can go to the command prompt to create the first Django application, enter a directory, execute the startproject myproject to create a project:

Manage. py runserver to start Django's built-in Web server. If you are lucky, the following 10013 error may not occur:

You don't need to worry when it appears. This is because port 8000 is occupied by other applications. Run netstat-ano in DOS to check the port usage of the application:

Myproject) to create a new view. py file with the following content:

Open the urls. py file, introduce views, and add ('^ hellodjango/$', hellodjango). In this line of code, the urls. py file is as follows:





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