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12/17 update, explained the meaning of HFS + extraction from the CD.
The osinstall path was modified in 1/21. To avoid bumping, the moderator is forbidden to reply to this post. If you have any questions, please search for Forum topics or contact samsonwtsui at gmail dot com, during repeated contact, do not delete the communication history at the end of the email, because too many people cannot remember which one is. For God's sake, do not pm or QQ. However, many times I am still helpless to these problems, because everything I know has been written down. Currently, snow leopard has many mature cracked versions, such as osxpcbeta and iantares. Their installation will achieve the same result as the method of using the retail disc directly in this article. The procedure is simpler, but I believe that if you install snow leopard for the first time, we will still get some valuable information from this post.

At the end of August, Apple officially released the next-generation Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system. Apple's operating system has always been well received in terms of user friendliness and security and stability.

The Apple operating system can only be installed and used on the Apple Computer. Unlike windows, it requires a series of simulation and cracking to be installed on a PC. The installation process is complex and challenging. The following is the PC Installation Guide for installing the 10a432 snow leopard, with 25 images for help. If you do not have a vision ID, open the link.

Prepare the necessary items:
PC with Windows operating system and with Internet access
The DMG image file (the MD5 verification code of the 10a432 official retail version is bcd4957b2f86216dddc8f1472c20f098)
2G available space
Your courage and patience

This Guide may be most suitable for anyone who has never installed an Apple system on a PC, Because you

NoUSB keyboard and mouse required
NoUSB flash drive needs to be started
NoA dvd recorder is required (if you have downloaded an image or even do not need an optical drive)
NoThe second hard disk and GPT partition table are required.
NoAnother operating Apple system is required (all the cracking operations can be completed in windows, and no other platform is required)
NoEnter a command line.

Quick preview of the entire process:

Step 1: narrow down the current partition to free up space for the snow leopard and the installation disk
Step 2: Load DMG to the partition and modify
Step 3: configure the Boot Loader
Step 4: Use an Apple CD image to install snow leopard
Step 5: Start snow leopard
Step 6: perform operations after installation

For easy installation, you can download all required files from the connection provided on the 5th floor.

Step 1: narrow down the existing partition volume

Snow Leopard uses its own file system, HFS +, not compatible with Windows NTFS file system. This Guide requires two HFS + Partitions to complete the installation task, one of which is 6.3 GB, the size of the operating system is 20 GB. The size of the operating system is about 4.5 GB ). To ensure that your files will not be lost, you need to divide the current partition (such as the D disk) into three parts. The old files are put together as one partition is not affected, the remaining free space of the partition is used to create two additional HFS + Partitions (such as an edisk and a f disk ).

The following describes the detailed steps,
Note: My computer configuration is different from yours. The following example is only used to describe the process and method to help you understand what I mean. You need to flexibly adapt to your own configuration.

1. Right-click my computer --> Manage --> disk management on the left of the pop-up window. Here you can see your hard disk partition status.

2. my D disk has a lot of space left, so I used it to open the knife. As we said before, we need 20 + 6.3 = 26.3gb space. Therefore, first, I want to reduce the size of drive d by 26.3 GB, right-click drive D, and right-click compress volume, and enter 26906 (1024 MB/GB × 26 in the pop-up box. 3 GB), and then press OK. (XP users and FAT32 users can use acronis if they cannot compress volumes
Disk Director Suite or paragon PM Implements similar functions) Although this Guide does not delete data on your hard disk, however,The partitioning-related process is the most dangerous step in the Guide. If you are not careful, your data will be dispersed between the fingers. Do not ignore the prompts in any warning boxes.

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3. After compressing the D disk, you will find that the files on the d disk are undamaged, but the partition size has changed and the available space is less than 26.3 GB. The disk has 26.3g unallocated space that does not belong to any partition.

4. right-click unallocated space --> create simple volume, click Next, and enter 6426 (1024 MB/GB × 6. 3 GB). In the next step, allocate the space to E. Do not format it (thanks to the reminder from mark_ald on the fifth floor ). After this is done, a window will pop up to show you that you need to format e to access. Thank you for your kindness. However, if you choose to cancel the format, do not format it.

5. Use the same method to create a new volume for the remaining 20 GB. You can choose not to format this volume.

After that, the D disk of the memory G is split into three parts: 82.7g, 6.3g, and 20g. There is no loss for the D disk.

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One trick here is that the 6.3 GB disk must be close to the original D disk. After the installation is complete, the CD should be removed. With the extended volume function, its space can be combined into the D disk. As I mentioned above, you need to be flexible. I use d disks, but you can use other F and G disks as well. We recommend that you do not use Windows System disks to open a knife, because there may be stubborn files that cannot be moved in it, which may prevent you from changing the partition size.

Step 2: load the DVD to the hard disk and modify it.

A. First, we extract the HFS + file contained in the Apple installation CD, and discard the boot layer that hinders our next step.

1. Download and install HFS-Explorer (the download links for all software in the article are included on the 5th floor ).

2. If you have not installed Java VM (Java JRE Virtual Machine) before Windows, you also need to download and install it.

3. open HFS-explorer and click "file"-> "Load file system from File". In the pop-up box, find the DMG file of the snow leopard installation disc, select the item containing HFS + in the pop-up box, and click OK. If you have purchased an apple DVD, insert the disc and click "file"-> "Load file system from device". Then, click "LOAD"

4. open the disc file, click "tool"-> "create disk image", select a path in the pop-up box, and click Save, if your hard disk space is insufficient and you do not have the 6.27gb space, you can also borrow the previous 20 GB partition. It takes several minutes to wait for the hard disk to wow. How about a cup of hot tea and chocolate? Note that the destination partition for saving the 6.27g file can only be NTFS, and the single file of FAT32 cannot exceed the limit of 4 GB.

Upload at, September 30

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B. Add the new DMG file to the 6.3g hard disk.

1. Download the leopard hard disk installation Assistant, which is a software written by Chinese.

2. Right-click to open it as a system administrator (double-click XP to open it)

3. Select the new DMG file from the image file. The target partition is a 6.3g disk. Do not check the three check boxes below. The methods are outdated.

4. Click start to see the blue progress bar. It may take several minutes for the hard drive to cool.

5. Don't worry if the program does not respond at this time. Wait patiently until the copy is completed. Make sure that the following words change partition type to AF: success appear after completion (thanks to the reminder of night, autumn, and huangheyuan). If it is failed, format the partition and delete it again, or manually use acronis
Disk Director Suite or paragon PM sets the partition format flag to Af. af indicates 175 in hexadecimal notation, and HFS partitions should contain af marks.

Upload at, September 30

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C. Use macdrive to make small changes to the edisk so that the apple installation disk can recognize MBR

To enable Windows to access the HFS + partition, install macdrive, and restart the installation, you can see what is in the edisk. After restarting, you can kick macdrive out of the auto-start list of Windows boot, and then manually add the E: drive letter using the partition tool mentioned above.

In Windows, MBR partition tables are used by default. Therefore, most of the partitions on our hard disk are constructed using MBR partition tables. Apple can only install it in the GPT (guid) Partition Table. If you change MBR to GPT, all data in all partitions on the disk is deleted. Therefore, we need to make a small adjustment to the DVD so that it can be installed in the MBR partition table.

In the folder option to open the hidden file

Drag and Drop the osinstall file to/system/library/privateframeworks/install. Framework/frameworks/osinstall. Framework/versions/A/of the edisk to overwrite the original file. Thanks for the liudonghua123 reminder.

Now we have made minor modifications to the original Apple CD, and the snow leopard can be installed in the MBR partition.

If your computer does not use intel's multi-core CPU, such as AMD's full range of CPU or Intel's Pentium single core, (atom series will not be supported in Versions later than 10.6.2 ), you also need to replace the mach_kernel kernel file in the root directory of the CD with the cracking kernel. The information on cracking the kernel can be found in other guides.

Step 3: Start the snow leopard installation disk with bootthink or chameleon

Download and install bootthink. Bootthink is also developed by Chinese people. Of course, it also uses Dave's classic boot132 code and now supports snow leopard. After installation, the bootthink option is added to the Windows Startup menu. If you select bootthink in the Windows Startup menu, the page for selecting which partition to enter is displayed. select our 6.3g partition.Mac
OS X install DVD
The snow leopard can be started. If you have selected bootthink and the page does not appear, convert the drive C to NTFS (thanks to the gaomulei83 friendly reminder on the 243 Floor ). The process from FAT32 to NTFS is fast and data will not be lost. For details, see
Windows Help documentation. When bootthinkis selected, you can use diskpart.exe or another partition tool to re-mark 6.3g partitions as AF, instead of HFS partitions. If the partition with the AF flag cannot be found in bootthink, it will automatically restart. For details, refer to the mvgmy memo on the fifth floor.

If you cannot solve such problems related to bootthink, consider using an alternative solution to start the program. The software from wowpc is very cleverly designed. Call a program that is usually used to start Linux, grub, to start a chameleon with only 1 MB of size to start the CD image ISO. Like bootthink, such a flexible method outshines U disk boot, CD boot, and other methods. If you cannot enter the chameleon, this problem may be caused by incomplete MBR. XP users can use the fixmbr command to install the CD to fix the problem. Vista/7 users use bootrec.

After the chameleon startup program is installed in windows, like bootthink, the Startup menu has one more item, select to enter the chameleon interface. If neither startup program can be used, you can only try to solve the problem by reinstalling the system. This is the best practice, but if you do need to do so, I recommend that you use the Microsoft official msdn version of the original system or a genuine Cd (not a ghost) attached to your computer for installation.
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If your CPU does not support 64-bit and ssse3 instruction sets, you must first press F8 on the Interface above to enter the command line and input-x32 to call the 32-bit system kernel, because the boot program calls the 64-bit kernel by default. If you do not know whether the CPU is supported, we recommend that you use a 32-bit kernel, because the 64-bit kernel will not bring any benefit unless your memory is larger than 4 GB. On the contrary, the 64-bit kernel may cause compatibility issues with some 32-bit kext files. Enter-x32 and click Enter to go to the Apple installation page.

Upload at, September 30

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However, this is only the ideal situation. In most cases, you still need more cracking to enter the disk installation interface. Here you can try your character first. If you can smoothly enter the installation interface, you have already been successful.

However, many people may encounter this situation here,

Upload at, September 30

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There are five languages indicating that the system will crash and the system needs to be restarted, also known as "five ". In the previous version, leopard has only four languages.

There is also a ban sign on apple.

Upload at, September 30

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Or, when the system is started, it will automatically restart after a flash, leaving no clue. It is very likely that the problem may occur due to CPU/kernel problems. For example, as mentioned above, some CPUs need to crack the kernel, adjust the CPU settings in the bios, or start with-x32, or force the multi-core CPU to start with a single core with CPUs = 1.

The solution for the "five countries" is complex.TroubleshootingWill tell you how to do it. It is easier to solve the prohibition symbol. You only need to enable the SATA ahci function in the BIOS. For how to enable ahci, refer to your computer manual. If you enable the ahci function to make your original windows unable to start, you don't have to worry about it. After you disable ahci, you can install the ahci driver on Windows. For more information, see the Microsoft website. If your motherboard does not have the ahci function, or your hard disk is not SATA, You need to search for the kext file of your ata chip, such as the kext of Intel ich nanqiao chip. Then install kext on bootthink.KextI will introduce it in detail.


There are hundreds of errors in starting the disk. The following is an example of how to solve the problem. This is the step that requires the most skill and patience throughout the installation process. After the "five countries" problem occurs, first you need to know the cause. On the bootthink interface, press F8 and enter-V to enable the verbose "cool" mode. The cool mode will not solve the problem, however, you can view the startup error. If you need 32-Bit mode at the same time, you can enter-x32-v.

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