Install Mac OS X Server 10.6 on VMware, one of the iPhone development environments on Win7

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IPhone development is strictly required by the Apple system, but it is difficult for Windows users around the world.

This article is based on most articles on the internet,

I personally summarized the practices and would like to share them with new users like myself.


First install VMware7 on win7,

Download the image of the snow leopard system.


See the following two links:




The image file of the snow leopard system is large. Due to poor resources, I downloaded it for a week.

The Darwin. iso boot cd iso image file can be downloaded after 30 seconds.


After reading the above two tutorials, my system will be installed,

If you have any questions, please contact me.



Snow Leopard resolution Modification

Terminal modification:

1. Open the terminal, enter sudo-s, and obtain the root permission;

2. Enter vi/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com. apple. Boot. plist to open the file;

3. Add the following two rows:

<Key> Graphics Mode </key>

<String> 1440*900*32 @ 80 </string>

Save and exit,

4. Restart.



Shared Folder between vmwarevm and host

There are many ways to share data between VMware and the Local Machine. "shared folder" is one of the common methods, and data can be shared simply by a few steps.

1. Select "Virtual Machine"> "set" from the VM menu"

2. "option" → "shared folder", add a "local" directory to be shared with the virtual machine system and set it to "always enable". The shared name can be used as needed, it doesn't matter.

This step is not available yet. We also need to set a drive letter for the shared folder in the virtual machine.

3. In the VM, right-click my computer and select Map Network Drive ......)".

4. Click "Browse"> "Vmware Shared Floders" to find the folder Shared by the local machine.

5. Then, in the "my computer" of the virtual machine, check if there is an extra network hard disk. Open it and you will be able to operate it!

Cancel the drive letter of the Shared Folder:

If the drive letter of the shared folder has been set before, cancel the operation now:

In the VM, right-click my computer and select "Disconnect Network Drive ......)". The next step will show the drive letter (which may contain multiple) that has been set for the shared folder. Select the drive letter to be deleted to delete the drive letter.

FAQ: it is okay to enable shared folders in settings, but the shared folder cannot be found when the website drive is mapped. Go back to your settings to enable it, that is, the second step of the previous article is disabled. That is to say, after it is set to enable, it is fixed and automatically restored to disabled. I don't know why, but I set it to the third item "enable it before the next computer shutdown or suspension", and then select "always enable, if you have similar questions, try it!

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