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  • How to install oracle10g on Windows 7 x64

Because my computer is win7 and 64-bit, I 've been tossing for N times before, and I haven't installed the Oracle client on it. Every error is varied and I'm speechless. I have completely abandoned it for a long time. However, due to work requirements recently, Oracle is required again. I just bought my computer for another year and it is unlikely to change my computer. No way, I had to make another effort. I did not expect that this lucky time, after one morning (not counting the time for downloading the client), I was able to handle it. I'm so glad that I decided to record this. By the way, I would like to remind you that if you want to develop software, you 'd better not buy a 64-bit machine.

I mainly refer to an article in the garden. How to install oracle10g on Windows 7 x64 is as follows. Then, I encountered some problems. (Red is added for me)


How to install oracle10g on Windows 7 x64 to install Oracle for x64 vista

Of course, you must first run the installer as an administrator during installation. Generally, the installer must be an administrator in win7.

When installing Oracle 10g x64 in Windows 7:


1. Effective Methods:

Modify the \ 10204_vista_w2k8_x64_production_client \ client \ install \ oraparam. ini file. Where:

[Certified Versions]

# You can customise error message shown for failure, provide value for CERTIFIED_VERSION_FAILURE_MESSAGE

Windows = 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1

Run setup.exe at the end of the script, and then complete the script.

Tip: how to find the root cause of the problem?

Open the log records under C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Oracle \ Inventory \ logs. If there is an error, you can quickly find the problem.

Sometimes the installation is still problematic after the first step is changed. The second step is followed by the author.

2. According to the online saying: (I tried to make it invalid, but I also changed it, which may be helpful for subsequent steps)

Search refhost. xml in the installation directory


<! -- Microsoft Windows 7 -->


<Version value = "6.1"/>


After following the two steps above, the installation is still faulty. Sad reminder. It is not supported by the operating system version. I took a closer look at the error and finally found out that I was modifying oraparam. when I added 6.1 To the INI file, I wrote the preceding comma as a Chinese character. As a result, it could not be recognized and I was speechless. I vaguely remember this problem when I installed it N months ago. I still failed to add 6.1, but I didn't find that the reason for the comma was Chinese. After the problem is solved, the installation continues and the operating system version is passed, but the problem occurs later. Thanks to a prompt, The refhost is found again. write this comment when adding something to the xml file <! -- In Microsoft Windows 7 -->, I wrote the following -->. Well, it's too hard. After modification, OK. The following steps are successfully completed and the installation is successful.

Install PL/SQL Developer

After PL/SQL Developer is directly installed, the following problems may occur:

Initialization error SQL * Net not properly installed

Cocould not load "D: \ oracle \ product \ 10.2.0 \ client_1 \ BIN \ oci. dll"

ORA-12154 TNS cocould not resolve the connect identifier specified

You can try the following procedure (from

Since 64-bit Oracle is installed on Vista X64 on the local machine, when trying to use PLSQL Developer to access it, it is reported that the oci. dll file cannot be loaded. Originally, oci. dll was 64-bit, and the 32-bit application PLSQL Developer could not load it.
The solution is as follows:

1. download 32-bit Oracle InstantClient (, and expand to a directory, such as C: \ oracle \ instantclient_10_2; (download, to register on the Oracle website, very troublesome, but there is no way)

2. Copy the system tnsnames. ora to this directory;

3. Set Oracle_Home and OCI Library in PLSQL Developer, as shown in

For the example above, the decompressed directory is C: \ oracle \ instantclient_10_2, but when setting it, the above directory is changed to disk D. In fact, these two paths should be the same, the path to which you extract the package.

4. Edit the following bat file in the PLSQL Developer directory, replace the shortcut, and start PLSQL Developer:

@ Echo off
Set path = C: \ oracle \ instantclient_10_2
Set ORACLE_HOME = C: \ oracle \ instantclient_10_2
Set TNS_ADMIN = C: \ oracle \ instantclient_10_2
Start plsqldev.exe

Note: The first half of NLS_LANG must be AMERICAN_AMERICA, because the instant client does not support other languages. The latter half can be adjusted based on the character set of your database. If the database uses AL32UTF8, you can set AL32UTF8.

Here, you need to create a bat file under the PLSQL Developer directory. I started to think of it as editing. The result was found for a long time and could not be found. After the creation is complete, copy the code above. Pay attention to the path in it and set it to the decompressed path above.

The following describes how to create a shortcut for plsql on the desktop, right-click it, view the shortcut attributes, and specify the path after the "target" as the bat file you created, you can. The bat file created by the author is startOracleWin7x64. bat. You can write it as your own bat file. Then, you can start plsql with a shortcut (the premise is that you have configured your network database server ).

Finally, I would like to thank my colleague for solving my urgent needs. Thank you for your sharing!

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