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The Android Simulator is an emulator that simulates an Android phone system on a Windows platform. Android simulators can simulate Android's mobile environment on a computer, allowing you to experience Android games and apps on your computer.

If we want to run some programs, but do not want to run on their own mobile phones, of course, we can experiment in the Android simulator, let's take a look at

First make sure you have an emulator installed on your computer, configure the JDK before installing, download the ADT and SDK, and the Eclipse software.

We open our own simulator, as shown in

I now want to install a Yoo desktop software, I downloaded a yoo desktop apk file from the Internet. Note that the suffix of the file must be apk.

I rename it to ZHM.ZPK in order to run it later in the command prompt

  Then make sure to put it under the Platform-tools folder under the SDK directory, as shown in

Then open the command prompt and enter cmd into

My SDK is installed in D disk, so enter D:

   Enter the CD "D:anzhuodaquananzhuoandroid SDK 10android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools" ( This is the directory above, be sure to be accurate )

Then return .

Then enter the ADB install zhm.apk

  Enter , if the following prompts, the description is long to our simulator, we wait for a while, finally there will be success tips

And then back to our simulator, we can see a Yoo Desktop icon on the desktop.

Now the desktop has become a Yoo desktop, much better than the previous effect

If we want to uninstall the program that we installed on our simulator,

Click on the desktop in the lower right corner of the management program to enter (or from the set to enter)

Then in the program to find the Yoo Desktop program, click

In the appearance of the interface first click forcibly stop uninstall can uninstall the program.

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