Install Virtualmin panel in VPS

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Install Virtualmin panel in VPS
What is Virtualmin panel?

Users who are unfamiliar with some Linxu operations can install the web control panel on VPS to simplify operations such as adding websites or databases, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Virtualmin/Webmin, and Kloxo web control panels are commonly used. However, cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Kloxo are both charged control panels and occupy system memory and resources, generally, it is used by a space vendor for virtual space sales. Virtualmin/Webmin is a web control panel that is free of charge and occupies a small amount of system resources, and is suitable for installation on VPS. Hi-VPS we strongly recommend that you install Virtualmin/Webmin as the web control panel on VPS.

Differences between Virtualmin panel and Webmin

Virtualmin is a website management platform based on Webmin. if only Webmin is installed, you can use Webmin to manually add apahce virtual websites, add databases, and add FTP users. However, to completely Add a website, many users need to create it, permission management and other complex operations are extremely easy to cause failures due to operation errors. virtualmin automatically adds websites based on Webmin. After you enter the domain name you want to add, Virtualmin can automatically create databases and add FTP users, you can directly upload the website file to the corresponding directory according to the created FTP user name.

How to install Virtualmin panel on Hi-VPS

At present, Hi-VPS has provided templates for integrating Virtualmin/Webmin panels with CentOS on the Openvz series VPS, after the template is directly installed, the VPS has become the Virtualmin/Webmin panel and various web services (such as apache, php, and mysql) after it is started ).

Download the latest integrated installation package:

#wget ./;

Zend optimizer is automatically installed at the end of the installation. Press enter. Then, enter https: // your-ip: 10000/. The user name is root. The password is the root password of your server.

What are the installation scripts doing?

  • Webmin + virtualmin installed
  • Installing the rarfile extraction Software
  • Zend optimizer software installed (required by many php programs in China)
  • The unrar decompression software is installed to make it easier for most people in China to use rar compressed files.
  • Change the time zone to Shanghai, China, so that foreign vps customers do not need to set it.
  • Modified apache's default encoding UTF-8 to OFF, making gbk Simplified Chinese non-garbled by default
  • Reduces apache startup processes and memory consumption
  • In mysql, skip-innodb and skip-bdb are disabled to reduce memory consumption (if necessary, comment out my. cnf)
  • Services such as domain name post office and dns that are not required by mailman and other 90% websites are stopped to reduce memory consumption.
  • Automatically upgrade the software library in the system to the latest stable version.
  • The latest virtualmin Chinese Language Pack is installed (continuously improved)
How to add a new website in Virtualmin/Webmin

Virtualmin/Webmin is a control panel that occupies less system resources than cpanel. Virtualmin/Webmin is the most suitable panel for VPS with small memory. Hi-VPS currently provides a template integrated with Virtualmin/Webmin. After you directly use this template to install VPS, you can create a VPS with Virtualmin/Webmin installed.

Log on to Virtualmin/Webmin

The default logon address of Virtualmin/Webmin is https: // VPSIP: 10000/. After logon, the browser will prompt that the ssl certificate is untrusted. This does not matter:

The logon interface looks like this:

Log On with the root password and root Password (it is best to use the root user. using other users may result in insufficient software installation permissions ).

Add website

When you log on to Virtualmin/Webmin for the first time, you will be prompted to refresh the configuration. click the button to refresh the configuration.

After refreshing, the main interface of Virtualmin/Webmin is displayed:

The relationship between Virtualmin and Webmin is explained here. Webmin is a panel management platform that provides graphical Management of Linux services such as apache, mysql, and FTP, however, if you add a website, you must add the user and Management permissions one by one in apache, FTP, mysql, and other management processes; virtualmin is a website management module based on Webmin. In Virtualmin, you only need to enter the website information you want to add, virtualmin will automatically help you add apache users, FTP users, and msyql database users, which is very convenient.

First, click the "Virtualmin" link in the upper left corner to enter Virtualmin. Then, click the "create virtual server" Link under the "Virtualmin" link to add a website:

Here, "Domain Name" is the website domain name you want to add (remember not to include the www prefix); "Description" is the user name you will log on to the FTP and database in the future, you should also remember; the password is the password for FTP and data users. Then click "create server". Virtualmin will automatically add users and permissions for you.

After Virtualmin is added, we can see some available usernames. Click the "Edit users" link on the left, the FTP user name will appear (it should be the same as the information you just entered in the "Description ).

Click the "edit database" link on the left to operate the database. The "dbtest" under the database name is the database just created. during the installation of the website program, the database name is "dbtest" in the example ".

Virtualmin details: click here
Virtualmin: click here

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