Installation of MongoDB under 32-bit Linux (CentOS) __linux

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Download MongoDB


If the above address is not possible to go to the official website download Http:// decompression MongoDB

Tar zxvfmongodb-linux-i686-2.4.9.tgz
Create the specified folder and copy the MongoDB past
Create database storage directory and log storage files
Start Mongod
/usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongod--dbpath=/data/mongo/data--logpath=/data/mongo/dblogs  --logappend  --fork
//--fork is designed to allow programs to execute backstage
Set up startup
Echo/usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongod--dbpath=/data/mongo/data--logpath=/data/mongo/dblogs--logappend--fork > >/etc/rc.local

To close the Mongod process: Pkill mongod

Start command parameter description:

--dbpath Specify the directory where the database files are stored

--PORT Specifies the port used by the Mongod service default 27017

--fork set the MONGO service to run in the background

--LOGPATH Specifies the directory and file name of the log file

--logappend set each log to add at the end of the file

--journal Enable logging

--PIDFILEPATH specifies the path to the process file, and if not specified, the system will not produce a process

--maxconns Maximum concurrent connection number

--noprealloc to turn off the pre-allocation of data files

--rest Turn off REST API functionality

--nohttpinterface Turn off web management features

--AUTH Specifies that MONGO use the authentication mechanism--BIND_IP bind IP

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