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The Internet of things provides a host of opportunities for enterprises to introduce and integrate innovative connected de Vices, advanced analytics, and new cross-platform applications with enterprise systems. These innovations offer enterprises new and exciting capabilities to design and launch products with value-added services. Consequently, this creates further opportunities for enterprises to develop new business models, customer engagement Stru Ctures and revenue streams. The broad-ranging impact of Enterprise IoT is set to change the rules of the game.

enterprise iot innovations would turn stand-alone products such as vehicles, white goods, consumer& Nbsp;electronics, security systems and office equipment INTO
products with intelligent, highly integrated SER Vices. through this process termed ' servitization, ' enterprises'll be able to create differentiated business models ,  enhance customer Engagement and develop new commercial terms facilitated by products with integrated Ser Vices. In the manner, the Enterprise iot
has started to change the rules of the game.

The future, service Is fundamental and the major source of profit. Like the cloud service, resilience,scalability and efficency is also deemed the purpose for IoT. The bare devices, but the relation between them would create the value. While the value transmission among them, new business model can be created and bring new revenue. Imaging a collaboration between IoT and Finance, I call it a Internet of things Finance. Unlike the popular concept "Internet finance", IoT Finance bring the physical world and Digital world together, MA Ke the finance trasaction more accurate and effective. For instance, John Deere (www. Deere. com) and AGCO Combine connectedAgricultural equipments with irrigation, soil, nutrition and climate, make predictions on this information for Specifi C yield estimates and planting plans. then the harvesting would affectCommodity Futures in theStockmarket and vice versa. The IoT Finance make the Finance action extend to the genuine physical things, not only online virtual trasaction. It'll conduct finance automation and intelligence by integrating IoT tech intoCommodity economic activities. Stand-alone silos, but the also create new business models.

the company Who stubborn   refusal to adapt the IoT hype would be thrown away by their competitors in a short future.

Personal Introduction:

Zhou Ming Samsung Electronics VD IoT Platform senior engineer with over 9 years of expertise and experience in the Internet of things, cloud computing, mobile communications, cybersecurity and messaging infrastructure. Has a wealth of enterprise messaging infrastructure Development, IoT, cloud, device connectivity solution development, and proven management software and solutions such as agile and devopts development experience. For the first time in the country, SDT (softwaredefined things) 's IoT concept has 3 patents.

is a code contributor to Samsung, Intel, and Dell's established smart Home Devices Standard Alliance Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) (


Frequently participate in cloud computing, IoT and other open source communities (Vmware,ecug failed cloud Users group ) to exchange discussions, focus on the open source community technology trends

Internet of Things Finance

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