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On the domestic Internet of Things Platform (v): Smart Cloud IoT Internet of things cloud service platform and intelligent hardware self-help development platform

On the domestic Internet of Things Platform (v)--Wit cloud IoT Internet of things cloud service platform and intelligent hardware self-help development platformMa ZhiPlatform positioning The Smart Cloud Platform is an open platform dedicated to the Internet of

Internet of Things (IoT) development Arduino IDE (Integrated development environment) download and install __ Internet of Things

Arduino consists of two main parts: the hardware part is a Arduino circuit board that can be used for circuit connection, and the other is the Arduino IDE, the program development environment in your computer. You just write the program code in the IDE, upload the program to the Arduino circuit board, the program will tell the Arduino board to do something. Download the Arduino IDE Website Download Address: The current version is Arduino 1.6.11, accordin

2012 China Shenzhen International Internet of Things Technology and Application Expo Feedback _ things Networking

Today, I am honored to go with the company's leaders to visit the 2012 China Shenzhen International Internet of Things Technology and application Expo, there are some gains in general. 1, realize that the future of hotels, villas, venues and even individual families will also usher in an intelligent day. 2, see, there is an intelligent temperature measurement system, like a watch as people wear as long as

Reply to XX Securities newspaper on several questions about the internet of things operating system

XX Securities newspaper asked a few questions about the internet of things and the Internet of Things (IoT) operating systems, individuals expressed some humble views, published here, and exchanges and discussions with industry friends.What is the most needed solution for the IoT industry?Although the industry of the

javascript--Next Generation Internet of things full stack development

Li Zhizhou, PhD, Institute of Micro Systems and information technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, early entrepreneur of the Internet of Things, launched the Open source IoT project Openfpgaduino, currently engaged in network security development based on big data and machine learning in internationally renowned investment banks.This article is "Programmer" magazine original article, Unauthorized, do not

Application of Internet of things in monitoring system of variable distribution station

controlling center is transferred to the equipment of remote substation, and the real-time data of the substation is obtained quickly and accurately. The rationality of communication system design will directly affect the success or failure of substation monitoring system. Therefore, the fast and unobstructed substation communication system is an important link in the Substation monitoring system. The introduction of IoT ZigBee Digital transmission technology into the substation communication s

Ruff Chain: A decentralized, open, open source, efficient distributed operating system __ Internet of Things

In the wake of the dotcom boom, the internet of things has undoubtedly become the next world spotlight. From the application of Internet of things in recent years, it is not difficult to see that the internet of things has crept i

Why AI + Internet of things = a historic leap in human collective consciousness?

Why AI + Internet of things = a historic leap in human collective consciousness?2015-03-05 enetciweek/-wing instrumentAbout 7 million or 8 million years ago, the human ancestor transformed into two-legged upright walking, to the present human development as you and I meet this shows that "survival of the fittest" is the only positive solution to "progress". The development of the

Internet of Things lesson one: all intelligent, wearable and IoT

By the year 2025, advances in the Internet of Things (IoT, including wearable technology) will be very rapid, as is the case with sports watches built with fitness or tracking capabilities that are ubiquitous by that time. It has been predicted that the number of devices connected to the network will grow to 50 billion by 2020.The Internet of

35 Open source tools in the era of Internet of Things

35 Open Source tools refer: in the age of Internet of things Open source networking is booming. The software and hardware projects described in this article can help companies and DIY enthusiasts to experience the devices connected to the Internet. If you have been in any way in the IT industry in recent years, I'm afraid

Internet of Things overview and technical framework

The Internet of Things English name is things. The core and foundation of the IoT is still the Internet, which is an extension and expansion of the Internet on the basis of its client-side extension and expansion to the exchange of information and communication between any g

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is an important part of the new generation of information technology, and it is also an important development stage of "informatization" era. The English name is: Internet of Things (IoT). As the name implies, the Internet of

2014 IoT Internet of things application brief

IoT (Internet of Things, abbreviated IoT) is an Internet-based, traditional telecommunications network, and other information-bearing carriers that enable all the common physical objects that can be addressed independently to interconnect the network. The internet of things

Ruff: Using block chain technology to realize the standardization and security of Internet of things _ block chain

As the connection foundation between reality and Virtual world, IoT has been paid close attention to. Whether it is artificial intelligence revolution or block chain technology, the Internet of things will be the underlying architecture, providing valuable, available digital resources, but up to now, the internet of things

Jingdong Mall Liu: Jing Dong is the company that sells things with internet

companies to compete with Beijing and east. ”"We are going to save Chinese football!" ”...... Liu in the discussion, for Jingdong self-confidence, especially when Liu say I am afraid even God dare not say "We want to save Chinese football" This sentence, a lot of friends in the scene smiled. But maybe it's a joke, maybe it's official rhetoric, maybe it's true, in a word, from these words, we can see the subtext of Liu: "Now, Jingdong is really powerful!" ” Jingdong is not a listed company, E-

How does the Internet of things change content marketing?

The popularization of the Internet of things not only optimizes hard equipment, but also makes huge changes in the form of content and marketing strategy, in addition to creating rich content, the use of different marketing methods, accurate analysis of data will also make brand marketing more effective.The rapid growth of the internet of

Internet of things operating system Hellox V1.78 beta version officially released

conditional wait (Condition wait), non-active suspend and resume of thread, initial process model and so on.Mr in the development team. Tywind Huang fully exert its superb programming technology and rich experience, independently developed the boot media production tools, optimized the file system, implemented a portion of the POSIX support library, and did some other testing or optimization work, in the development of the entire Hellox V1.78 version has made outstanding contributions. Mr Erwin

Internet of things Cloud Platform Introduction and Application Mode

The IoT cloud platform is a network that embeds computing, communications, and information-aware devices into objects, and then connects them to the Internet in accordance with agreed protocols, exchanging information and communicating them for intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring, and management. Typically, there are hundreds of millions of sensors in the Internet of

Next wave of the internet of things, when will it come?

The internet has sprung up to the dotcom bubble, and then from the dotcom bubble to today's era, halfway through a lot of twists and turns. Everyone is exploring the Internet in the end there are those who have not been done, the Internet everywhere in every corner are stained.If the internet is a wave of surfing enthu

What impact will the Internet of things have on big data analytics?

data has always played a key role in the business, but the rise of big data analytics, the vast amount of stored information that can be mined in computing, reveals valuable insights, patterns, and trends that are almost indispensable in modern business. The ability to collect and analyze these data and translate it into actionable results is key to success. withInternet of Thingsdevelopment, the process is becoming more and more complex, and in everyday life, from vehicles to store displays, to

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