On the domestic Internet of Things Platform (v): Smart Cloud IoT Internet of things cloud service platform and intelligent hardware self-help development platform

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On the domestic Internet of Things Platform (v)
--Wit cloud IoT Internet of things cloud service platform and intelligent hardware self-help development platform

Ma Zhi

Platform positioning
    • The Smart Cloud Platform is an open platform dedicated to the Internet of things and intelligent hardware cloud services. The platform provides the ability to define product, device-side development and commissioning, application development, production survey, Operation Management, and so on, covering intelligent hardware access to Operation Management lifecycle services.
    • The Smart Cloud platform provides developers with self-service, intelligent hardware development tools and open cloud services. Through the tools of the fool, the increasing SDK and API service ability to minimize the technical threshold of IoT hardware development, reduce research and development costs, improve the speed of production of developers, help developers to upgrade hardware intelligence, better connect and serve the end consumer.

Product Features

IoT PAAs Services

Provide intelligent device self-help development tools, back-Office technical support Services for IoT developers, realize remote management of equipment, data storage analysis, third-party data integration, hardware social and other technical services, quickly realize the Internet of products, make hardware development faster and more creative.

Enterprise SaaS Services

Directed remote upgrade, rule engine, message push, device automation, device linkage, Enterprise API, custom statistical analysis, 2g/3g product support and a variety of data output interfaces, and so on, to comprehensively improve product access to production support, inventory, dealers, after-sales, users and other one-stop management and service capabilities.

GDMS system

Enterprise Intelligent Device Management system, support bt/ble/wi-fi/mobile network, equipment real-time operation Status View and management, equipment usage statistics and map distribution, user statistics and management, equipment fault/alarm real-time push tracking, multi-tenant management, support unlimited sales channels and subordinate enterprise management.

Tool Services

Self-service development tools

The software development of intelligent hardware is modularized, the self-service interface is provided in the cloud, the function of intelligent hardware is described as data point, and a product function is defined in the cloud by simple form operation, and the system automatically generates embedded development protocol document, mobile application SDK and cloud interface.

Gokit Development Kit

Smart Cloud self-help development platform for the Internet of Things open-source teaching Development Board, integrated motor, LED, Wi-Fi, infrared light, temperature and humidity sensors, quickly realize a variety of intelligent hardware solutions, support more than 70 mainstream modules, self-contained hardware applications, rapid implementation of IoT device development.

Developer Services

Open API, module and MCU open source code, detailed documentation, complete SDK, Wi-Fi device Access test demo APP, automated production testing tool, 10 open source App,gokit Smart Hardware sample source, live instructional video, professional FAE support and 24-hour customer service.


Smart Cloud

Smart Cloud provides the product definition, product data point definition, virtual device debugging, and other functions such as service, API services. Cloud services for device and application access


Device-side module system Gagent, through the use of gagent, developers can be based on the smart cloud provided by the protocol and Gagent docking, so that the device can quickly access. Currently compatible with domestic mainstream Wi-Fi module, mobile network module


Wit Cloud provides an IoT SDK based on the ios,android system, where developers can quickly implement app development, seamlessly connect wit cloud, and get Smart Cloud platform to launch new services based on SDK


Developers follow the smart Cloud Auto-generated module and MCU communication protocol for MCU development

Development process

Technical Solutions

Conceptual interpretation
  • gagent: full name Gizwits Agent, running in the Wi-Fi module, the device through Gagent access to the Smart cloud server. Currently compatible with the domestic mainstream Wi-Fi module, developers can also obtain gagent two times development package to achieve custom module access to the smart cloud.
  • Small loop: between smart devices and mobile phones, smart devices and smart devices, by connecting to the same router to communicate within the LAN (view status or control), we call it a small loop.
  • cycle: smart devices through routers or direct access to the Internet to achieve remote monitoring and control of users, we call the big cycle.
  • ProductKey: Product Identification Code, a 32-bit string that is automatically generated after a developer creates a new product through the smart cloud background. In the Smart Cloud database is a unique number, developers to complete the development of writing device Master MCU, the smart cloud through this identification code to identify the device and automatically complete the registration.
  • Did : device number, when a device is first connected to the wit cloud, the wit cloud automatically registers an did for this device according to the ProductKey and the device Wi-Fi module MAC address, which is unique to the user and is used for binding and subsequent operations.
  • passcode: A device pass that verifies the user's binding/control permissions. When the user initiates the device binding, as long as it is legal action to get this pass, through this pass to bind the device and the device for the validity period of the view, control and so on. Gagent generates a random number for the first run as a device pass, which is generated and stored on nonvolatile memory. The device needs to be escalated to the server when it is online.
  • AppID: app ID, when developers need to develop an app for a smart product (including iOS, Android, Web apps, etc.), a AppID is automatically generated and associated with the device in the background. This appid is required for application development.
  • onboarding: also called configuring the network, the user connects a Wi-Fi-based IoT device configuration to the router's process called onboarding. The new device needs to know the router's account number and password for the first time to connect to the Internet via the router. Since most IoT devices do not have their own screens and keyboards, the router's SSID and password need to be sent to the device via a smart phone, a process known as onboarding. The smart cloud provides the ability to access the Wi-Fi device in the SDK already built into this configuration.
  • Airlink: wit Cloud to a variety of smartconfig, SmartLink this UDP broadcast way to the device configuration network technology collectively, compatible with a number of Wi-Fi module vendors Configuration Protocol, Summed up a set of good user experience of the standard onboarding operation process, smart cloud Wi-Fi device Access SDK has built-in Airlink technology.
  • SoftAP: because the Smart Config protocol of each Wi-Fi module vendor is not fully mature, and the 5G router signal is not supported. Wit Cloud provides Airlink configuration mode while also supporting SOFTAP mode to configure device access routers. When the device enters the Softap configuration mode, the device itself will become an AP, the smartphone can be directly connected with the device, and then on the phone interface to enter the router's SSID and password, when the device receives the information will automatically attempt to connect to the router, the connection is successful automatically switch to normal mode of use.

Key Concepts-Digital locations
    • Smart cloud and apps analyze and process the data that the device reports, or the device sends data to the smart cloud and app for analysis and processing, provided the two sides clear the meaning of the data. Wit Cloud Backend provides a definition of data points, data point definition, device and cloud, app-side data communication meaning will be clear.
    • Benefits of Data point definition:
      • Define the meaning of data communication between the device and the cloud and app.
      • Based on data point definition, the cloud resolves device data, and users can use functions such as "Device running status" and "statistical analysis".
      • Wit cloud has big data statistics interface, through the interface, can quickly analyze the device data.
      • It is easy for app developers to develop and the app SDK can parse device data such as issuing/reporting.
      • Easy MCU development, wit cloud according to data point definition, generate MCU and Gagent communication protocol of serial communication.

Cloud Management-Product definition

1. Create a product

2. New Device Access Wizard

Cloud Management-Edit data points

3. Create a product data point from a schema template

Cloud Management-Edit data points

4. Create a product data point from a schema template

Cloud Management-Edit data points

5, manually edit product data points

Cloud Management-Edit data points

6. New data points

Cloud Management-MCU development documentation generation

7, according to the product data points added in the previous step, the page automatically generated the "Xx-Smart Cloud Access serial communication protocol document" and "xx-Smart Cloud Access JSON document" (where XX represents the product name), click on the document name to download, hardware developers simply follow the documentation instructions can be easily completed hardware development

Cloud Management-Device commissioning

Native App: product development resources available for Android and iOS SDK, integrated documentation, and download of demo app.

When the product data point is finished editing and the product hardware equipment has been developed, the corresponding SDK can be downloaded to integrate into the finished interface design of mobile applications, you can achieve the control of the device. You can also download and install the demo App directly, log in to connect and view and control the device. If the device does not complete development, you can use the virtual appliance provided by the wit cloud to perform the debugging of the function.

Light app: use open APIs from the smart Cloud to quickly develop HTML-based light applications such as Web pages or apps for managing and controlling smart devices. Http/websocket

Cloud Management-Create products from scenario templates

Scenario Template List

Cloud Management-Create products from scenario templates

Application Scenario Templates

Cloud Management-Product management

Product Information View

Cloud Management-Product management

Product information Editing

Cloud Management-Product management

Product Information Removal

Cloud Management-Product management

Device Data point Management

Cloud Management-Product management

Virtual Device Management

Cloud Management-Product management

Device operational status

Cloud Management-app app management

App App List

Cloud Management-app app management

Create an App

Cloud Management-app app management

Device Access applications:

A binding application is the ability to associate a device with an application so that it can be bound and manipulated by the device.

To configure message pushes:

Smart Cloud Android/ios app supports access to "Baidu Cloud Push" and "Aurora Push". You need to configure the message push before accessing the app with Baidu push or aurora push binding.

Device-Side development-Principles

    • The development of the device side includes GAGENT,MCU development. Devices can be connected to the cloud to enable clients such as apps to view and control devices remotely, and MCU data interacts with the wit cloud through gagent.
      • Gagent: An application running on a network module (WiFi, GPRS) enables the module to access the Smart Cloud Server and upload/receive data.
      • MCU: Micro control Unit, factory equipment controller, such as SCM.

Device-Side Development-cooperation module

Device-Side Development-cooperation module

Device-side development-MCU programming steps
    1. Download MCU and Gagent serial communication protocol
    2. Create project, complete define product data point, wit Cloud automatically form project MCU and Gagent serial communication protocol based on data point
    3. According to MCU and Gagent serial communication Protocol, refer to Gokit Development Kit MCU program, complete MCU and gagent communication
    4. Smart Cloud provides device-side debugging Tools
    5. Smart Cloud for factory testing equipment to provide equipment plant testing mode
    6. Smart Cloud for MCU firmware management, OTA upgrade
    7. Smart Cloud statistical analysis of data interacting with the MCU and the cloud

Device-Side Development –gagent
    • For WiFi devices, the smart cloud has been adapted to the mainstream WiFi module, and the device can be connected to the cloud by burning the firmware provided by the Smart cloud in the WiFi module.
    • For cellular network equipment (GPRS), and wit cloud cooperation GPRS module manufacturers have completed gagent transplant work, the use of cooperative manufacturers GPRS module, you can connect to the cloud.
    • For Android and other systems, Ethernet devices, and so on, the wit cloud provides the SDK (ie, gagent), the developer porting the SDK to the bottom of the drive to achieve the device-to-cloud connection.

Application Development-Principles

Wit Cloud currently offers 3 sets of SDKs:

    • iOS Platform Native SDK
    • Android Platform Native SDK
    • Apicloud Cross-Platform SDK

Developers can choose their own according to the project, where the Apicloud version SDK can be developed at once with H5 technology, with iOS and Android two platforms

App Development-App Solutions
    • Native SDK:
      • It mainly helps the developer to maintain the user system, the user's binding relationship with the device, the configuration of the device and the acquisition of the device status and the sending of the control instructions. Developer App SDK, no need to re-develop app and device, cloud interaction, according to product prototype definition, can quickly develop product app. At the same time, smart Cloud launched the top ten open source projects, download, learn the Open source project app source code, but also quickly apply the Smart Cloud SDK development app.
    • Cross-platform development:
      • In order to enable more enterprises, the customer team and individual developers to enjoy the smart cloud brought by the quality of service and convenience, with a variety of excellent platform to cooperate. Apicould Platform Smart Cloud Mobile development module on-line, so that the vast number of developers can use JavaScript + HTML to write the perfect, cross-platform mobile applications.

Application Development-Solutions
    • The application of Smart Cloud provides websocket communication solutions. WebSocket Communication Basic content: The user logs in, receives the device to go offline the message, sends and receives the device business logic data, the heartbeat.
    • Vendors need to invoke the user management API in a standalone deployed web system and then need to bind the device to control the device. Vendors need to invoke the Web Socket API in JavaScript in a standalone deployed Web system for device control and real-time display of device data, enabling (Web page) applications to acquire device state data in real time and provide a better experience for the end consumer.

Application development-Device manufacturer business Cloud development
    • The Noti interface is applied to receive device events, including fault and alarm events, data point edit events, device on-line events, device status events. With the Noti interface, the latest product data can be received in real time.

App Development-Android app open source framework

    • Android Open source framework project Source Link:
      • Https://git.oschina.net/dantang/GizOpenSource_AppKit_Android
    • Android Gokit app is a source code example that uses the Open source framework project, Source Link:
      • Https://git.oschina.net/dantang/GoKit_Demo_Android

App development-Android device Access SDK

    • The smart Cloud Device Access SDK (hereinafter referred to as the SDK) encapsulates the communication process between mobile phones (including pad and other devices) and intelligent cloud hardware, as well as mobile phone and cloud communication.
    • These processes include configuring network access, Discovery, connectivity, control, heartbeat, status escalation, alarm notifications, and more.
    • Using the SDK, developers can quickly complete the development of the app, developers only need to focus on the app's UI and UE design, and relatively complex protocol and error handling and other matters can be ignored.

Application development-Device access process

    • The SDK has encapsulated all the user, configuration, discovery, connection, control processes, developers use these APIs to complete the above process of functional development, do not need to implement the communication protocol on their own.
    • The SDK takes a callback to work, so you must set up the necessary monitoring, such as general monitoring and device monitoring, see the process in detail. The SDK gives the app callbacks in the main thread.
    • The Android SDK enables apps to pass objects between activity and between activity and service.

Application Development-

    • Smart Cloud
      • ① in the access business scenario, through the Developer Center (site.gizwits.com) graphical interface to define the device function, wit cloud automatically generated the device MCU and communication module between the serial communication protocol, the developer according to the protocol document can realize the network capability of the device.
      • ② part, after the device is connected to the smart cloud, the wit cloud provides an application-oriented API that provides the ability to transfer device data to applications and control information that is applied to devices.
    • Vendor Server
      • Vendor servers are Web systems that vendors deploy independently in order to meet their own applications. The system uses the API provided by the smart cloud platform to communicate with the device's data and control in real time, to solve the demand of intelligent hardware access, and to realize the demand of the end consumer of channel service provider through the API of accessing the public platform.
      • First, developers can design a personalized HTML interface and functionality for their application. (③④ part)
    • Server
      • The server mainly provides a series of interfaces for communication between the device and the vendor server, mainly including the binding/unbinding of user account and device, receiving/transmitting device messages, etc., the specific interface and usage method can view official documents, recently launched the hardware platform, need to understand the public number and hardware platform before making access. The features you provide are constantly being perfected.
    • Client
      • The client provides an interface that ultimately interacts with the user, which can be understood as a browser running on a mobile phone, but running under the public number system. The developer can configure the customized menu via the public number management background of their application

Application development-data Access SDK features
    • User Login
      • Monitoring of Registered user login
      • callback method to implement user login
      • Anonymous Login
      • Real-Name Login
      • Third-party Account login
    • Data access
      • Monitoring of registered data access
      • Data upload
      • Data acquisition
    • User account
      • User Registration
      • Change Password
      • Reset Password
      • Modify user Information
      • Anonymous conversions
      • Get Phone Verification Code

Module Development-Test set

    • WiFi Test Minimum Set
      • SoftAP
      • Airlink
      • Configuration Success Verification
      • Power-on Announcement verification
      • Small Cycle control
      • Size Cycle Switch
      • Cycle control
      • Gagent_ota
      • Failure recovery

    • GPRS test minimum Set
      • Cloud Registration
      • Cycle control
      • Gagent_ota

Module development – Product function specification book

    • Product form
      • Standard Version Form
      • Two development version Patterns
      • SOURCE Form

    • Product Name: Smart Cloud WiFi Communication module (gagent)
    • Product Features:
      • Can connect wit Cloud Universal Communication module solution, hardware platform independent, currently applicable to the WiFi communication module, some functional specifications for Bluetooth communication module. Provides the ability to connect wit cloud and reliable data communication with hardware for a variety of smart hardware.
    • Support Agreement
      • Smart Cloud Platform standard Access Protocol app and device communication v4.0.1
      • The universal data Point Protocol v4.0.0 of Smart Cloud Platform standard Access Protocol
      • Smart Cloud Platform standard Access Protocol equipment and cloud communication v4.0.2
      • Intelligent Cloud Platform Standard Access Protocol MCU and WiFi module communication v4.0.3

    • Pattern definition
      • Production mode: Testing scenarios for mass production of products
      • Configuration mode: The first time a user uses or changes a network configuration scenario
      • Working mode: The scene when the product is working properly

Production and operation-testing tools
    • Introduction of test tools
      • The Smart Cloud Production tool is a tool for batch testing of products after product launch. In large-scale production, can effectively monitor batch product quality, ensure product function.
      • In the Smart Cloud Developer Center (site.gizwits.com), products can be tested only by users who have administrator rights and developer privileges on the product.

    • Production test steps
      • Add a test configuration file
      • Edit and delete test files
      • Download the production test app
      • Scan to download the test configuration file
      • Start of production test
      • View the test results log
      • View Historical Reports

Production Operations-statistical analysis

    • Connection record: Device and server connection under large cycle
    • Added on-line device: number of independent devices with connection record for the first time
    • Active Device: A standalone device that has one or more command escalation records in a specified period
    • Active Cycle: The length of time the device first goes online to its last live
    • Connection length: Device and phone from the time the connection is established to the disconnected single time duration
    • Number of connections: number of connections actually occurring per online time interval

Production Operations-OTA upgrades
    • OTA English full name is over-the-air technology, that is, space download technology. When the device is connected to the cloud, it receives an OTA upgrade notification and then completes the firmware upgrade via HTTP. The Smart Cloud OTA service provides the following features:
      • OTA notification service, i.e. offline upgrade. When a new version of the device's firmware is released, the OTA notification service pushes the upgrade notification to the device.
      • OTA transmission service, IE online upgrade. The device firmware program is transmitted to the device side via the machine message service.
      • Support for one product with multiple push at the same time
      • Support WIFI/MCU Upgrade
      • Support for directed upgrades. You can specify the device MAC address, zone, and old firmware version to push.
      • Support timed push. You can customize the push cycle and the push window.
      • OTA Progress Statistic Analysis

On the domestic Internet of Things Platform (v): Smart Cloud IoT Internet of things cloud service platform and intelligent hardware self-help development platform

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