IoT front-end backstage 1--a hardware dog's learning process

From the last write Mqtt article, imperceptible already three months, originally intended to write their own build Mqtt Borker, but this information as long as 100 degrees have, difficulty is not small, plus the project is busy, has no time to write

2018: Block chain, AI and IoT converge

Original link: 2017, encrypted currency became the mainstream.But the people who have invested in this industry for the past few years are excited about the development of basic

Introduction to the framework of IoT system

Introduction to the framework of IoT system Here are a few key questions: How the device is connected to the network. How to communicate between devices. What is the purpose of the Internet of things? How to build up a framework for the internet of

My IoT project (11) A single database transaction also needs to be cautious __ technical framework

The database is basically a single database in the monomer schema mode, so the essence of the application layer through spring transaction control is the support of the database to the transaction, without the transaction support of the database,

Internet of Things (IoT) development Arduino IDE (Integrated development environment) download and install __ Internet of Things

Arduino consists of two main parts: the hardware part is a Arduino circuit board that can be used for circuit connection, and the other is the Arduino IDE, the program development environment in your computer. You just write the program code in the

IoT testing guides__ Hardware hacking

(DRAFT) The goal of this page was to help testers assess IoT devices and applications in the Internet of things spaces. The guidance below is at a basic level, giving testers of devices and applications a basic set of guidelines to consider F Rom

IoT: A summary of the safety testing experience of IoT safety test

Preface Earlier this year, I was involved in a number of security tests on the Internet of things solutions. The primary goal is to identify vulnerabilities in the architecture and solutions. In this article, I'll discuss some of the issues and

Wireshark analysis of NB-IoT injection network process

The new version of Wireshark can parse NB-IoT cell messages, and of course the stored message formats need to be converted to the. pcap format Wireshark can parse. The analytic format of Wireshark can be used to understand the protocol flow and the

mtk2503 New IoT card APN

There are many APN parameters in custom_config_account.c, add new APN in G_config_account_gprs /* CMCC CMMTM */{{0, 0,custom_dtcnt_prof_type_factory_conf,/* TYPE */Custom_dtcnt_sim_type_1,/* SIM1/SIM2 */(const kal_uint8*) L "China Mobile MTM",/*

[Share] I found a quick way to complete the IoT graduation design!

For graduates of computer-related majors, the graduation thesis is really a particularly troubling thing, of course, except genius ...Bishi, Programming ... Often think of here! Do you really want to explode in situ?!Don't be anxious to look

Step-by-step building IoT system--gnu/linux powerful and free

Gnu/linux Powerful and freeWhat is LinuxLinux is a free and open source Unix-like operating system kernel. There are many different Linux distributions that can be installed on a wide variety of computer hardware devices, from phones, tablets,

python+ Raspberry Pi enables IoT (Internet of Things) data to be uploaded to the server

Environment: Raspbian-stretch (2018-06-27)Raspberry Pi: 3 generation B Type1, Raspberry Pi equipment, need to be in the field can also have independent networking capabilities, it is necessary to use the Internet of Things module.The SIM868

How to install Windows IoT Core in Raspberry Pi 3 b

Introduction to Windows IoT coreWindows IoT is a Microsoft-built operating system for the IoT ecosystem, and Windows IoT core is a core version of the Windows IoT operating system, with relatively streamlined functionality. Using Windows IoT, you

Windows IoT Serials 4-How to use Cortana voice assistant on a Raspberry Pi

Starting with the Windows IoT Core 14986 release, Microsoft has added the Cortana voice assistant feature. Before, we could only use local speech recognition, and we needed to write the application to download it to the device. From now on,

Play the Raspberry Pi--install Windows IoT Core

Windows 3.1 is running on a Raspberry Pi, and you naturally want to run Windows 10. So you're ready to install a system of Windows IoT core on the Raspberry Pi. When writing this text, it's not the first time that you've installed Windows IoT core.

On the domestic Internet of Things Platform (v): Smart Cloud IoT Internet of things cloud service platform and intelligent hardware self-help development platform

On the domestic Internet of Things Platform (v)--Wit cloud IoT Internet of things cloud service platform and intelligent hardware self-help development platformMa ZhiPlatform positioning The Smart Cloud Platform is an open platform

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub app – Part I: Sending data to the cloud

by Toradex Leonardo Graboski Veiga1). IntroductionThe essence of the Internet of things concept is actually about sending data to the network, so it's called a cloud service. With the development of the Times and advances in technology, people can

2016 cloud computing and IoT technology conference

. Cloud Computing and IoT technology ConferenceConference website:www.cciotc.comCategory: Computer Sciencemeeting time:7 months 20-21 daysdeadline: . years 5 Month 4 DayMeeting Venue: China, XianDeadline . The Conference on cloud computing and

Recent thoughts on Iot module innovation (How to Make Iot take root)

Patent conception:With the gradual spread of wireless network (2.5g/3g/WI-FI) coverage, it is time to consider how to solve the cost of many non-intelligent terminal network, at present, the commonly used Iot module solution is basically the CPU

Alibaba Cloud will release IoT and other solutions for the Shenzhen Summit of the Computing Conference on October 1.

Last year, the Computing Conference for major cities in China was scheduled to be held in Shenzhen on September 10, April 20. The previous day was a targeted invitation activity, and the next day was Tech Insight. According to the Yunqi Conference

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