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In the wake of the dotcom boom, the internet of things has undoubtedly become the next world spotlight. From the application of Internet of things in recent years, it is not difficult to see that the internet of things has crept into human life, whether it is agricultural industry or city management, From shared bicycles to industry 4.0, the gene of the internet of things is thriving into the blood of the world, and in the near future, all aspects of life cannot be separated from the internet of things, just as you are leaving the web as a primitive person.

However, the rapid development of the Internet of things is also constantly encountering bottlenecks. The internet of things is often a fragmented, closed system, the wide area of things and the domain of the Internet can not be interactive, privatized industrial systems and IDC based IT network difficult to connect. However, the data of the Internet of things often need high consistency and security, which is difficult to solve in any centralized system.

The emergence of block chain provides a good solution to solve the problem of data consistency and security in the Internet of things. Chunk Chain (English: Blockchain or block chain) is a distributed database, is a series of cryptographic methods associated with the production of data blocks, each block contains a bit-currency network transaction information, used to verify the validity of its information (anti-counterfeiting) and generate the next block. In simple terms, to the central management, everyone can be a center and not a center, no longer rely on a person or an organization. At the time of the birth of the whole data chain, each data is open and transparent in real time, and it is not changed, which completely guarantees the consistency and security of the whole data. It's like, there is a ledger, everyone can be accounted for in the ledger, every account will be notified, and once the bookkeeping will not change, the whole process of transparency, then the true reliability of this book is greatly improved.

With the joining of the block chain, the development of the Internet of things seems to have a more extensive development space. But with solutions that are far from enough, technical problems are at the bottom of the problem. For example, the rules of the ledger have been designed, if no one to calculate the account, this is a useless empty ledger. There are still many underlying problems in the Internet of things that are not resolved: the existence of the block chain of infrastructure is scarce, the technical threshold is high, the technical risk is too big problem, as usual, the expansion of the problem has no more mature solution, making the current distributed applications are scarce and stay in the virtual layer, and can not interact with the real world, For example, hardware devices can not be compatible, fragmented management devices, devices, the protocol between the different, unable to interact and so on.

Ruffchain as a combination of networking and block chain architecture, including a distributed operating system and an open main chain, so that the virtual world Point-to-Point network and consensus mechanism to the offline, to achieve information flow to promote atomic flow.

In short, the distributed ledger based on the block chain can provide trust, ownership record, transparency and communication support for the Ruff platform's IoT applications. Secondly, Ruff will also develop the private chain based on the public chain and save the transaction information in an extremely safe way. The use of centralized server mobile phone and storage data of the Internet architecture can write information to the local ledger, and with other localized ledger synchronization, to ensure the security and uniqueness of the facts.

Ruff in the block chain all the Internet transactions will be added timestamp to ensure that future generations are available. At the same time, the digital protocol or intelligent contract of block chain can be applied to block chain data, implement commercial clauses in the communication of IoT, and guarantee the validity and safety of Internet of things in large-scale application. Finally, the block chain with high-end encryption technology can solve the ruff Internet public chain when used, to achieve the highest level of security standards.

Ruff has its own approach to the problem of large-scale use and standardization of the Internet of things. Ruff OS, an object networking operating system that abstracts hardware and invokes libraries to manipulate hardware. It uses a lot of JavaScript as a developer programming language, so that the same application code can also run on different boards, farewell to cross-compilation, burning writing board, PC can complete the test, one-click deployment of things networking applications. The problem of fragmentation and standardization of the Internet of things, which has been solved in the application layer and the high technical threshold, has ceased to exist.

Combined with the block chain and Ruff Chain, temporarily solve the internet of things currently facing the biggest problem, it is not difficult to imagine that the internet of things will have a faster and more robust development.

In the future, Ruff chain will be a new infrastructure platform based on IoT, which has the characteristics of being centralized, open, open source and efficient. In ecosystems, different participants can provide a substitute for the return of the currency, or consume tokens to acquire resources, and share each other to form an economy-driven self-governing body.

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