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Recent sentiment more and more, daughters more and more large, less hair, I know, I am old.

After 30 years old, time as if the gate of the river like the rolling out, feel that they waste too much time. We have to admit that foresight people will be 10 or more years ahead of us. So the only thing we can do is run and chase.

Old age, will change the nagging, this is not virtual, now often back to think of their way, along the road, I have to admit that I am an ordinary person can not be ordinary, but, quoted in the film "Security How, security is also human ah", so still feel the need to summarize something. It was a long time ago, but it has not been a pen, presumably in a primer. The long-awaited Mac OS X10.7 released, OK, take this lion as a primer, talk about Macs first.

July 20, 2011, the Lion of Mac OS X was officially released, the seventh version of the 10 series.

The launch of Lion finally made me make up my mind to make a full integration of my MBP, the universe moved, farewell MBR partition, changed to GUID. I don't want to change the damn osinstall for every big version of the upgrade anymore.

Speaking of Mac, I had to start in 2001, when I first approached Mac OS X, and because of working with a vendor, we needed to port our software to Mac server. The software is a BS architecture, built on the basis of JDK1.3, because it has been programmed on Linux (there was hardly any decent ide,eclipse, NetBeans, Idea, etc later in Java, some of which were just starting, some in the incubator), So the Mac is basically used by us as UNIX, the impression of the transplant is not too much work, the details do not remember, anti-sterilization mac for me is a UNIX Server. Later there is another group of brothers is to the software to do music, the company dedicated to him with a Mac Pro, the price is very expensive, the brother protection is very tight, basically do not let us the Turtle programmer near, then Mac OS X has said goodbye to 9, entered the 10. If the memory is not a mistake, the system is using Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar, its gorgeous interface to keep the soil of the Windows programmer left a bunch of saliva, but at that time we have been liunx under a variety of gorgeous but not practical gui broken heart, like Gnome, KDE is basically a cloud. So apple in my eyes is a cool operating system, beautiful interface, suitable for graphic image video production, the price of outrageous, used to work entertainment God horse, basically is the Arabian Nights. The impression was that stray singers with long hair, talking about guitars, and sitting quietly in front of Mac Pro to tune and compose pictures. The brother called Lao Guo, specifically for the software to do music, often to us these do not understand the art of the program Ape said, well, you are all Earth turtle, know programming, how boring. At that time I thought, this is the converse, also become!

Later, the work went round, the use of more and more technology, the scope of work is more and more wide, but never forget to focus on Apple and Mac, first, the ipod fire, after the release of Mac OS x 10.3 panther,10.4 tiger,10.5 Leopard. GUI has always been Apple's strength, the interface is becoming more and more dazzling, the new function also emerges. Similar to the window manager expose, full-text Search Spotlight, Smart Folders, Dashboard, powerful backup tools TimeMachine, etc., became more and more appealing, especially in 2006 Mac hardware made significant architectural adjustments, Start the full adoption of the Intel series Cpu,power fade away. The tuning of the architecture and the introduction of the bootcamp made it easy to install the dual system on Mac, which was very appealing to me at the time. During this period, Microsoft this giant seems to stumble, Vista bad reviews like tide, by window toss of the light I lost the courage of the early adopters, so from 2001 to 2009 I consistently use XP, just constantly update the Microsoft patch, constantly re-install the system. 2007 Apple launched the iphone, the same, once again redefine the industry pattern, I think it is time to try the Mac, and the IBM ThinkPad has been in hand for 4 years, Mac Price is not so outrageous, in addition to the GUI appeal, as the linux/of many years UNIX user, native shell under Mac is also one of the important reasons to attract me.

From an economic point of view, the price of Macbookpro for many years of my work, there is no pressure. All right, let's get started.

2009 started to buy a MBP985, operating system is leopard, that is, 10.5, snow Leopard has not yet out. There was a certain concern about the ability to do everyday work under the Mac, and a fascination with the C-disk D-Disk division under Bootcamp and Windows. My own hand to the MAC partition, partition scheme for mrb,320g hard disk, to XP 200G, and did the C and D disk, and in order to allow the Mac's VMware Fusion to recognize the D drive, but also modified the virtual hard disk partition table. There were so many things that I couldn't remember what I had changed. Now it seems that these jobs have nothing to do but to improve my ability to solve problems and to make better use of Google.

Soon I switched from a dual system (leopard+ virtual XP) to a single system (using Leopard only) and because I was a heavy liunx user, the shell under my Mac was a godsend for me. Early work on the Linux server-side programming, then the most favorite tool is SECURECRT, every day is to open SECURECRT from Windows, log on to the server's own account to start programming. So I've been building my Linux environment under Windows, and every use of a system, vim/grep and other tools is a must-have. So I switched from XP to Mac is basically very natural, so that my feeling is, why did not use Mac OS X earlier, and issued a "This TMD is the computer!" "The Roar. I created a new work/play/reading/learning environment for myself under my Mac, and then I switched to Windows only when I needed to generate a CHM file via DocBook.

August 28, 2009, Snow Leopard Global Sale, I support to November, finally can't help upgrade, and then began to put the SL seamlessly installed on my MBR partition and hard thinking, and then spent a weekend, without affecting all the data and procedures on the basis of the snow Leopard installed successfully, has been used for the present.

The original partition of the unreasonable effect is obvious, the first can not upgrade firmware, second, not directly upgrade the large version of Mac OS X (age, there is a time to toss this I would rather read), the third original disk space unreasonable caused a lot of waste of resources, has rarely used windows, But the 200G space, Mac side, disk often full, I like a small ant, full of moving a part of the data to the mobile hard drive, I am very uncomfortable. Very early like the whole system reloaded, has been slow to do. Until Lion's release.

Lion has been propaganda for a long time, the June 2011 Apple WWDC Conference, Phil Schiller on the introduction of lion to my influence very deep, after reading WWDC keynote, I said to his own MBP, should do to you.

Lion was on sale, I backed up the Sl,winclone with time machine, backed up the bootcamp, changed the partition to a GUID, and resumed the SL, purchased, downloaded, installed, upgraded lion, which is currently running well and free space is 200G. As for Windows, I am ready to install an XP virtual machine, should be enough.

For the lion experience, another article can be formed. Highlights: mail/multi-touch/Full screen/mission control/re-entry/document multi-version etc.

In fact, a sentence can be summed up, that is when you think Snow leopard is good enough, lion will easily break through your psychological bottom line, like IPhone4 to iphone3! Thanks to Steve Jobs and Apple Genius engineers!

Mac is especially suitable for programmers, there have been more than N programmers wrote the article, why programmers should use the Mac, do not see the Google Baidu can use a bit. There is also such a discussion, my answer:

1, Mac OS x is UNIX-based, which is too important for programmers

2, a good development environment, in addition to Xcode, there are C/java/perl/python/ruby, as well as shell, all of them, natural

3, Big Love vim

4, do not need to install anti-virus software

5, rarely reinstall the system, the system is rarely slow, the installation process is extremely convenient

6, shortcut keys, the UI will not say


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Some of my tweets have sparked discussion: an interesting discovery is that using win's very skilled old birds, going to the Mac will be very awkward, because the win environment and Mac are very different, skilled people often rely on their own environment. Instead is win rookie, a turn to Mac, there will be a, "Cha, this is the computer" feeling. Now people are seeing the heyday of iOS and MAC OS x technology, which was built in the early 90. At that time, amid the next company, a bunch of genius programmers engaged in a set of objective-c language-based NeXTSTEP operating system, which was later Mac OS X and iOS predecessor. After 20 years objective-c and its related technology renowned, developed dazzling applications, we can only awe-inspiring, this is too TM ahead of the.

Intro--From The Lion of Mac OS X

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