Introduction to the most popular Node. js application development framework, node. js Application Development

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Introduction to the most popular Node. js application development framework, node. js Application Development

Rapid development, easy scalability, high performance, and robust robustness. The emergence of Node. js makes these dreams of all network application developers a reality. However, like other new development language technologies, it is time-consuming to use the most basic functions of Node. js from the beginning to write code to build an application. The solution to this problem is very simple and has stood the test of time: Use a development framework that has been created in advance. Therefore, so many frameworks such as Express. js, Koa, and Sails. js are proposed and implemented.

The roles of these development frameworks are very simple. It is to save time for application developers, so that we don't have to spend too much time on unnecessary things. Once a framework can satisfy the developer's idea of "getting the same output at the minimum cost", the framework will become popular.

In today's Node. js industry, no framework can be integrated, although Express. js is still the most popular framework so far. However, there are still many other sects competing for the throne of the martial arts alliance. It cannot be said that if you have many Members, you have to join your community. Everyone wants to learn self-defense skills (such as rapid development and other Node. js framework. js), martial arts, and Tai Chi (Sails. js.

In general, you can classify the Node. js Development Framework into two types:
-Simplified Framework
-Full-stack framework

We will discuss the two frameworks below.

Simplified Framework

Simplified frameworks provide the most basic functions and APIs. These frameworks are designed to improve the main aspects of Node. js development. However, the main focus of these frameworks is to provide basic MVC development framework functions and improve the coding experience, rather than other functions and technical support that Node. js does not have. Below are some popular simplified Node. js frameworks.

Express. js-the most popular framework

Express. js is undoubtedly the Node. js development framework most favored by network application developers today. As an elastic, lightweight, and easy-to-use framework, Express. js can be used to develop pure JS or hybrid mobile applications that are easy to expand. If some data on the Internet is not a plug-in, there are already 26000 networks and mobile applications in the world using this framework for development. Some famous user Fans include MySpace, Countly, Yummly, Mozilla Persona, and Geekli. st. Therefore, if you are a new Node developer, maybe Express. js is the fast train you should take.

KOA-Node. js next-generation development framework

As a by Express. another Node for development and maintenance by the js framework development team. js development framework. KOA is a popular Node. the next-generation development framework network development framework of js. Because the framework evolved from Express. js, you can see many of their similarities. Of course, the difference must be there. It provides some additional new features, and the middleware of the framework isolates these new features from other existing features. In addition, the Framework provides efficient development, ease of use, and other features to simplify the process of starting functions related to servers and servers.

Total. js-a modern Node. js framework for Network Application Development

Although Total. js can be considered as a simple framework, it can still be used as a supplement to the Node. js framework. The target users of this framework are those who want to build highly scalable applications. If you want to build a network application and the application may be expanded in a large amount in the future, Total. js may be a perfect choice.

Sails. js

As a framework that provides MVC development mode simulation functions like Ruby On Rails, Sails. js is actually a robust and scalable Node. js development framework. It is a service-driven architecture, and its API set is provided in a data-driven manner. Its biggest use should be to create multi-user games, online chat, real-time interaction applications, and Node. js applications for enterprises.

Full-stack Node. js development framework

The full-stack development framework is the place where NodeJS shines. Most full-stack frameworks contain necessary basic application development libraries, complete template engines, network sockets, and persistent libraries to accelerate the construction of real-time scalable networks and mobile applications. The following is the most popular full-stack Node. js framework:

Meteo-an extremely simple application development environment

As a framework designed to integrate all the functions of the MEAN development framework, Meteor is a set of JavaScrtip frameworks, which can run on both the client browser and a Node on the server. run in Meteeor server of js container. In addition, it supports HTML code, CSS, and other useful static tools.
All these functions are elastically organized in the Metero framework. You can easily use them in the form of file directory tree requests. The packaging and data transmission of each component on the client and server are automatically completed by the Metero framework.

Mean. IO-complete MEAN stack JavaScript development framework

MEAN. IO is a complete JavaScript development framework designed specifically to simplify and accelerate the development of network applications based on the MEAN stack. This framework comes with tools that allow you to seamlessly join the four technologies of the MEAN framework, such as MongoDB and Express. js, AngularJS, and Node. js, and other groundbreaking technologies such as Bootstrap. At the same time, it also has a lot of HTML, CSS and other additional JavaScript code to greatly reduce your coding time. However, the most eye-catching framework is its powerful MVC Architecture. You can use it to create modular code and use it as a tool to create exquisite network or mobile applications. The MEAN. IO package is plug-and-play, so once a new feature package is released, you can get and use it like using the npm package.
The MeanIO package system integrates all packages into the mean project, just as the Code itself is part of the mean itself. It also provides developers with all the necessary tools to integrate our packages into our projects.



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