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I recently saw a problem with setting up supported iOS devices on Weibo. The problem is that some apps use a large amount of memory during development, such as MB of memory, therefore, you must set a device that does not support less than MB of memory.

1. Check the memory of each iOS device:

In this way, the iOS device that supports M isIPod Touch 5, iPhone 4, ipad2And above. I have recently studied the usage of iOS devices. By the way, I would like to share with you a piece of data:

IOS device statistical table:

IOS version statistical table:

(This is a statistical data application [beauty pictures] in my spare time. It is best to score 16th photographers in China .)

Therefore, the support for devices larger than MB, the neglected user group is still relatively small, with little loss. Of course, you can weigh the memory usage based on your needs.


2. Hardware restrictions apply to devices with iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4, and ipad2.

Please carefully check the hardware support list for iOS devices:
Http:// B _DeviceCompatibilityMatrix/DeviceCompatibilityMatrix.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40011225-CH17-SW1

We found that the device that supports the armv7 instruction set isIPod Touch 4, iPhone 3gs, iPad 1And above, however,IPod Touch 4, iPhone 3gs and iPadThe memory is MB, so I need to exclude these three devices.


3. After careful research, the following results are obtained:

1. Add "armv7" and"Front-facing-camera hardware restrictions can exclude iPhone 3gs and iPad 1, but not iPod Touch 4.IPod Touch 4, iPhone 4, iPad 2, and above are supported. Only iPod Touch 4 is a M memory device, and others are over M memory devices.

2. If the iPhone is not compatible with iPad apps, you can add "armv7" and"Camera-flashHardware restrictions: the iPhone 3gs and iPod Touch 4 can be excluded,The perfect implementation only supports M iOS devices. But remember that apps on the iPhone can be so limited. Otherwise, all iPad will be limited because the iPad does not have a flash (camera-flash ).


The procedure is as follows:

Add hardware restrictions and add item directly.

Of course here we want to add the "front-facing-camera" Limit instead of the opengles-2 limit.

Many developers have this requirement.Article, Hope to help more IOs developers!


The following are the documents in English for reference:

What is the memory of iOS devices:

Detailed list of hardware support for iOS devices:
Http:// B _DeviceCompatibilityMatrix/DeviceCompatibilityMatrix.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40011225-CH17-SW1

How to set the devices supported by your app:



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