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Requestanimationframe is not supported on Android devices

Before the mobile side of the problem---with the timer to write animation, there will be a period of time after the flash of the problem, just started to think it is the problem of the timer, with CSS3 write also problems.So the question comes again, what is the reason? Sometimes the intuition is still quite right, check the code, feel requestanimationframe a bit wrong, began to start on it, a search of its relevant information, there is really a problem, An

External High-camera for android devices and android devices

External High-camera for android devices and android devices I recently studied the external camera of the android device. I had a camera at hand and tried it. I didn't expect the camera to be able to preview it. 1. Not all android

Basic knowledge about Android 17: FAQs about Android devices and test Essentials

personal information are stolen by hackers. What's more, because androidThe market does not have a clear and rigorous content specification for review of application shelving, resulting in user-plagued phishing and virus problems also migrated from PC to Android devices, in addition to affecting the operating efficiency of the device, these malicious programs containing viruses (malware) may also enable pe

Android learning route (19th) Supports different devices-Supports different (Android) platform versions and android routes

Android learning route (19th) Supports different devices-Supports different (Android) platform versions and android routes When the latest Android version provides great APIs for your application, you need to continue to support the old system version before more

Start from scratch-go deep into Android (practice-let's start writing code-Beginner's Guide-5. Support for different Android devices)

Chapter 1 support different Android devices Android devices from around the world have many shapes and sizes on the External table. If you are compatible with different devices, you will obtain a large number of potential users for your app. To make your app as successful as

Start from scratch-go deep into Android (theory-preparations before development-9. multimedia formats supported by Android)

specifications Table 2 lists the video encoding configuration files and parameters, as well as the playback example of the android media framework. In addition to these encoding parameters, the configuration file of the available video device can be used as a proxy for media playback. Check these File, you can use the camcorderprofile class, the API level must be 8. Table 2.Example of supported video encod

Android Learning Route (19) support for different devices--support for different (Android) platform versions

When the latest Android version provides great APIs for your app, you will continue to support the old system version before more devices are updated. This course how to use the new version of the Advanced API in the case of continued support for the lower version of the system.The Platform Versions Dashboard showcases the distribution of Android system versions

Android adb details (called by adb when multiple devices exist)

processing of commands from multiple adb clients, you can control any simulator or device instance through any client (or script.The following sections describe how to use adb through commands and manage the status of simulators/devices. Note that if you use Eclipse with the ADT plug-in to develop Android programs, you do not need to use adb through the command line. The ADT plug-in has transparently integ

Media formats supported by Android

As an application developer, you can use any media codecs in any format that are valid on Android devices for free, including the codecs provided by Android platforms and devices. However, it is best to use a device-independent Media Encoding configuration file. Network Protocol The following network protocols are

Run Linux on Android devices without root

, you can turn your Android device into a pocket Linux computer. It is applicable not only to Android, but also to Chrome OS. Termux provides many important functions, more than you think. It allows you to log on to the remote server through openSSH. You can also SSH from the remote system to Android devices. Use

Android's margin and padding attributes and supported length units

The margin and padding of Android are the same as those of HTML. As shown in: the yellow part is padding, and the gray part is margin. In general, padding is an internal border, and margin is an external border. The corresponding property is Android: layout_marginbottom = "25dip"Android: layout_marginleft = "10dip"Android

Android's Margin and Padding attributes and supported length units

The Margin and Padding of Android are the same as those of Html. As shown in: the yellow part is Padding, and the gray part is Margin. In general, Padding is an internal border, and Margin is an external border. The corresponding property is Android: layout_marginBottom = "25dip"Android: layout_marginLeft = "10dip"Android

Pre-research on the audio format of iOS and Android devices for instant voice interchange

encoding conversion, the use of lame third-party libraries, playback should be able to play directly Ilbc:ios Support codec, Android low version does not support, but there are open source Third-party library, you can record the encoding, playback decoding processing Speex: Also open source Third-party library, claiming that the file is small, can reduce noise, need to ios,android the client to encode an

Preparations for real-time voice communication between iOS and Android devices

The content of this article is from the internet. I have referenced Weibo and Forum summaries. When making a speech intercom, you will encounter the problem of recording speech format, because you need to consider the formats supported by your own development devices, but also the formats supported by the operating systems of other

Puzzle: Identify standalone Android devices

It took me some time to figure out how I could identify a standalone Android phone today by chance my friend asked.In fact, this question can be a second answer, is the IMEI.TelephonyManager.getDeviceId();This requires a permission:uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE" />If the problem is so simple, the problem is: Other devices such as tablets, no SIM card, so no telep

Android Official Development Document Training Series Course Chinese version: Connect wireless devices via peer Search Network Service

!}@Override Public void onfailure(intCode) {//Command failed. Check for p2p_unsupported, ERROR, or BUSY if(Code = = wifip2pmanager.p2p_unsupported) {LOG.D (TAG,"Peer to Do" T supported on this device. ");Else if(...) ... } });If all the above has been done, then you can shout Hallelujah and have completed all the steps. If you encounter a problem and look for the method that takes Wifip2pmanager.actionliste

Bluetooth for Android (one)-Scan paired Bluetooth devices

void OnClick (View v) { //Get Bluetoothadapter object, this API is supported by Android 2.0 Bluetoothadapter adapter = Bluetoothadapter.getdefaultadapter (); //adapter is not equal to NULL, indicating that this machine has a Bluetooth device if (adapter! = null) { System.out.println ("This machine has Bluetooth device!"); //If the Bluetooth device is not turned on if (!adapter.isenabled ()

Audio recording format for iOS and Android devices with instant voice connectivity

with the audio, here's another term we need to know: sample rate.When converting an analog signal to a digital format, the sample rate indicates how often a sound waveform sample is drawn to convert to a digital signal.In most cases, 44100Hz is often used because of the same sample rate as CD audio.Disclaimer (Must read!) ): All of the tutorials provided in this blog are translated from the Internet for learning and communication purposes only and should not be commercially disseminated. Also,

Android margin and padding attributes and supported length units

After doing a small software, finally the margin and padding clear, now summarized as follows:The margin and padding of Android are the same as in HTML. As shown: The yellow part is padding and the gray part is margin.Popular understanding Padding is the inner border, margin is the outer boxThe corresponding properties are:12 3 456 78 android:paddingbottom= "1dip"If both the left and right settings are the same, you can set them directly:12 android:

Securely connect Android devices to corporate Wi-Fi

Compared to the use of personal or preshared key (i.e. PSK) mode, a secure way to access the wireless network in the enterprise environment or Wi-Fi 802.1X mode of implementation of the specific way appears different. While the use of personal laptops to connect to the corporate network is no longer a technical problem, the rapid popularity of Android devices brings a series of additional setup options that

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