iOS development: Unity3d Game Engine Building framework and export project

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First go to Unity3d official website, we can see a lot of information about Unity3d. Click Download start to download unity, download the proposal not to use Safari with the download tool, because not to support the continuation of breakpoints, foreign websites are unstable. It is recommended to use Thunderbolt to download. The latest version is Unity 3.4.1, the perfect support for Xcode 4.

After the download is complete, enter unity. The first need to go through the registration process, here to say Unity 3D Purchase license for 1500 U.S. knives, if you want to deploy on the iOS device to add 1500 U.S. knives. Indeed a bit expensive, buy a serial number installed in my pro, I suddenly feel that my computer more valuable, wow Ka ~ ~ Of course, cheap not good goods, good goods not cheap expensive nature has the truth. No more nonsense. We continue ~ ~ Click Register to start registration as shown in the following figure. The network has cracked version, can also be compiled to the machine, you can go to download to see. But crack version can't upload App store, but can be used to learn, haha ~ ~

Select Internet activation click Next to continue.

Fill in the correct mailbox and company name. Click Free words can try 30 days, you can experience, if you have already purchased a serial number, please enter the correct string number in the box below, click Activate Unity Complete registration.

Just sign up and do it.

Below we begin to enter the Unity3d development world, closes the welcome interface, is greeted is unity3d to bring a game demo, in the 3D world exists many 3D models, later I will slowly lead you to learn Untiy3d engine model, the map, the animation, And so on. Looks like this is very interesting oh hee ~

Single Run button, we can play this game on PC Demo,untiy3d really is too powerful. The goal of this article is to deploy the Unity 3D engine on the iOS device, so we'll introduce the game demo to the iOS device and play the game demo on the iphone.

Here's how to export this game demo to iOS program.

Click File->build Settings

First make sure that your machine is equipped with Xcode 4, iOS device is connected to the computer, and then select the iOS device, stand-alone build and Run this time Unity3d began to export the game project, please wait a moment. Automatically opens Xcode after successful export and runs the project we exported.

Because the emulator is unable to run the Unity3d exported project, the device must be linked to the Mac or it will not run. If you do not have the equipment to run on the computer for the time being, and so on the device will debug the project directly into the iOS device, you can.

The following figure is the project structure exported by Unity3d, at which point we look at the iOS devices that are connected to the Mac.

Haha, the game has been successfully installed success, quickly open the game, play our export game bar Hey ~ ~

There are two buttons automatically generated for Unity3d in the bottom left and right of the picture. One is to control the character walking, one is to control the direction of the bullet launch. Later I will continue to write some of the game engine aspects of the article, Wow ka ~ ~ Welcome the vast number of pots friends can communicate with me together we learn ~ Hee ~ ~

Add: Use the Unity game engine to run in the iOS emulator:

Momo has been a misunderstanding, has been using the real machine to debug the program, that the simulator can not run the unity compiled program. But no, the simulator can also run the iOS program compiled by Unity.

In unity to compile the iOS program, in the Unity Navigation bar menu select Edit->projectsettings->player (menu item) Select the iOS platform in the SDK version below select the operating device for the iOS simulator. When you have finished selecting, build and Run.

You can open the game emulator by running the game in Xcode.

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