IOS open-source projects and githubios open-source projects worth attention on GitHub

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IOS open-source projects and githubios open-source projects worth attention on GitHub

1. ReactiveCocoa: ReactiveCocoa/ReactiveCocoa · GitHub:
The Objective-C Implementation of GitHub's function-based responsive programming paradigm. The learning curve is indeed steep, but it will definitely change your understanding of iOS programming, first.
2. Mantle: Mantle/Mantle · GitHub:
It is the product of GitHub. It is the first choice for lightweight modeling. It can also work well with CoreData.
3. AFNetworking: AFNetworking/AFNetworking · GitHub:
Before iOS7, how difficult was Apple's built-in network library to use! The AFNetworking of matt can definitely free you. Using Apple's NSURLRequest and iOS7's NSURLSession, clear architecture and adequate documentation can be considered as a model for third-party open-source libraries.
4. BlocksKit: pandamonia/BlocksKit road GitHub
I prefer Functional Programming. The block in Objective-C absolutely suits my taste. However, it is not easy to use a good block. If you have love for the block, use this library.
5. Nimbus: jverkoey/nimbus · GitHub
The first time I followed nimbus was because of Facebook's Three20 open source library. Unfortunately, the Three20 library is dead. The main author jumped out and wrote nimbus.
6. pop: facebook/pop · GitHub
Facebook's paper has a very good animation effect, surpassing apple's native app. Pop is the animation library of paper!
7. GPUImage: BradLarson/GPUImage repository GitHub
When iOS7 comes out, many nice-looking effects are actually processing images (such as blur effects ). Image processing seems to be one of the essential skills for iOS development in the future. GPUImage is a powerful tool that can quickly process various image effects!
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Okay, I admit that the answer I answered for the first time was a little surprising. I didn't expect so many people to like it ^_^

Most third-party libraries of iOS are the product of Apple's basic framework. Therefore, the basic is very important. It is a good choice to have time to watch the videos of WWDC over the years.
Recently, I am still studying ReactiveCocoa in depth to see the source code of ReactiveCocoa. There are still many expectations for responsive programming, and there is time to repeat functional programming (such as Haskell), or read the Open Class of responsive programming ( The choice of programming paradigm is very important. The future is the era of multi-core + concurrency, and functional programming is undoubtedly a better choice.
IOS UI is also very important, but if you understand apple's CoreAnimation and CoreGraphics frameworks, most of the UIS are basically okay. Currently, the various cool effects of iOS7 also require some understanding of image processing. When it comes to Graphics, OpenCV is a good choice, while OpenGL is another good direction (recommended Open Class: Interactive 3D Graphics Course With Three. js & WebGL ).

1. AFNetworking

Used for network requests

2. JSONKit
Parse JSON

3. Reachability
Check Network Conditions

4. SVPullToRefresh
Process refresh

Operate databases
You can also use CoreData
CoreDate address:

6. SDWebImage
Cache network images
TMCache can be used instead. TMCache is a cache project used by the tumblr team.

7. MBProgressHUD
Load prompt box

8. pop
Animation framework produced by facebook

9. CocoaPods
Third-party library management tools

10. GPUImage
Processing image effects

11. BlocksKit
Block framework

12. ReactiveCocoa
Functional responsive programming framework

13. Mantle
Model json data to a model object

14. cocos2d-swift

15. RESideMenu
Slide menu

16. SWTableViewCell
The subclass of UITableViewCell, which enables the left and right sliding display information view and the call button

17. TTTAttributedLabel
The replacement of UILabel makes the Label function on iOS richer and supports functions such as link implantation.

18. PNChart
Chart controls with animation Effects

19. vv1_enter-Xcode
Help developers easily generate comments

20. appirater
Tools used to remind users to rate your APP

21. Masonry
AutoLayout extension tool

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