Is the QNX system program of BlackBerry developed with Dalvik?

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BKJIA Editor's note: A blue ray of the sky, RIM's BlackBerry is a little overwhelmed by the aggressive trend of iOS and Android. According to BGR, the BlackBerry QNX system program is developed with Dalvik! Dalvik is a Java Virtual Machine for Android, and Android applications are developed using Dalvik!


BGR, which has always been reliable in BlackBerry messages, reported yesterday that there are multiple reliable sources telling them that RIM is seriously considering running the Android program on BlackBerry devices. RIM is trying to find a way to make the existing Java environment work on the Smart handheld and tablet devices of the coming QNX platform.

RIM has already publicly stated that it is looking for a Java virtual machine that can run on PlayBook-this decision is not like processing legacy support for legacy systems for Future Program Development) or custom program cooperation that has been deployed. However, RIM did not determine which Java Virtual Machine to use at that time.

But this time, BGR seems to have a lot of material, and they wrote:

We were told that RIM was seriously considering using the Dalvik virtual machine, and we wanted them to eventually choose Dalvik. It sounds familiar to you because it is the virtual machine used by the Android system. This allows PlayBook and other QNX-based devices to run programs developed for the Android platform.

As a result, RIM has many options. They can use the open-source Dalvik Virtual Machine without involving Google; or, in another situation, RIM and Google reach an agreement or basically "guarantee" platform/device ), the latter provides official support for Android apps for QNX devices, such as Android Market, Gmail, and Google Maps.

Although the current news has not yet been officially confirmed, considering that BGR often receives first-hand BlackBerry devices and cutting-edge news, readers may wish to explore the feasibility of this matter.

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