Java serialization technology is about to be abolished!!!

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Our object is not just in memory, it needs to be transferred to the network, or it is saved for the next load, so Java serialization technology is required. The Java serialization technique is the transformation of an object into an array of binary bytes, which can be persisted by saving the binary data to a disk or a transport network, and the disk or network receiver can deserialize the object of the class on the template of the object's generic class.

If you're not familiar with the Java serialization Technology, read the article "about what you should know about Java serialization" in detail.

Oracle now plans to abolish the antiques in Java-serialization technology, because it brings many serious security issues (such as serialization of storage security, deserialization security, transport security, etc.), according to statistics, at least 3 per 1 of the vulnerability is serialized, which is also 1997 A huge mistake in the serialization technology of the Birth of the year.

, serialization technology is now ubiquitous in Java applications, especially today's persistence frameworks and distributed technologies that require serialization to transmit objects such as Hibernate, Mybatis, Java RMI, Dubbo, etc. That is, the use of serialization technology is unavoidable for objects to be stored or transmitted, so the removal of serialization technology will be a long-term plan.

It is learnt that in the future Java version, there will be a mini-serialization framework to replace the current antique serialization technology. This new framework will enable developers to value the serialization engine and support the serialization of objects in a more secure way, such as JSON and XML formats.

Serialization technology has been developed since Java has been 20 years, but there is no improvement and breakthrough. And because of its easy-to-use approach, it brings a number of security vulnerabilities to Java applications. Now that the Oracle release is getting faster and quicker, let's see more of the serialization technology evolution in the new version!

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Java serialization technology is about to be abolished!!!

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