Jeecg team recruited new recruits (5 members) and jeecg team

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Jeecg team recruited new recruits (5 members) and jeecg team
Jeecg team recruit new people (5 people) Mod = viewthread & tid = 2046 & page = 1 & extra = # pid5569
Urgent, team-oriented mini games (5 persons)

There is a game in military training. I don't know whether I have ever played it or not. It is a big circle like a ball door. In the middle, I use a coil to find holes of different sizes. Five people drilled through this hole from one side, however, you cannot hit a circle. You can only drill one hole based on the size of your body. Five people must drill from one side to the other. repeated holes cannot be drilled. and in the past, the rest of the people will become more and more difficult. In the end, a person will drill himself down. The rule is very simple, that is, the drill won't hit the line. otherwise, it fails and the group comes back. it is a test of team spirit.

Team name for five members, which must contain four words: "5,

Do you want to modify the symbol? Five-man Ren
If you don't want it, five people in the world will win

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