Lack of APP security links, how mobile game operators can cope with APP cracking dilemmas

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In 2013, both the scale and income of the mobile game industry increased significantly and the development momentum was strong. However, with the rapid development of mobile games, due to loopholes in supervision and review, mobile game software injection into malicious code after being cracked, theft of user property, and theft of User device information are common. After mobile games are cracked, hacker malicious behaviors not only bring serious damage to the property of mobile game operators, but also give the product a reputation once the media exposes "security issues, seriously damage the brand image of the product. This is an unbearable blow for both rival game operators and individual developers. Therefore, it is imperative that mobile game operators start from the vulnerability source to protect the security of their rival game apps and prevent hacker cracking.

  A huge "Black interest" leads to rampant App cracking

Some people see the "money" behind the open-source nature of the android System and Its Application market, forming an industry chain integrating App developers, SP companies, and third-party application markets, the division of labor is clear. The general process of this industry chain is that SP companies will hand over the malicious code to App developers, and App developers will then inject the malicious code to their own developed applications or well-known game applications in the shanzhai version, and then promote it through a third-party application market that they work. Once you download and install such applications, you are at risk of deduction. To make malicious fee deduction more concealed, some malware set the monthly fee deduction standard between several yuan and dozens of Yuan, however, you can still get high profits from the infected users of a large mobile game App. CCTV once reported that hackers only pay for malicious code, and the annual revenue for stealing users' phone bills is more than 50 million yuan.
At the 2014 GMGC mobile game fair, iencrypt ( was present as a special guest. A mobile game App developer complained: "Because of the openness of the Android system, the App is easily cracked, A game developed by a small team of others provides free downloads. It relies entirely on advertisements and items for profit. As a result, it was first profitable and found a cracked version of unlimited gold coins on a Chinese website, after downloading it, I found tens of millions of coins in it, and even the advertisement was removed. This means that our energy and sweat have been exhausted, and we have failed to announce it!" At the same time, because the cost of rights protection is too high and time-consuming, we have to listen to this situation, further boosting the popularity of hackers.

"The encryption service can solve these problems for us. Not all companies have the ability to invest heavily in advanced App encryption technology to ensure the security of their own apps. Even if they are invested in R & D, subsequent compatibility and other issues are enough to cause headaches and give up, and the cost of investment is still risky. However, our current version has been cracked and we are urgently developing the next version. We will certainly adopt encryption protection measures first ." Said the mobile game App developer.

   Protects your opponent's game apps from the vulnerability source to prevent hackers from cracking.
Love encryption is an application Protection Platform for Android Developers. It can effectively prevent reverse cracking of Android APK packages and protect developers' interests. Three-layer encryption protection currently proposed by love encryption: DEX shelling protection, DEX command dynamic loading protection, and advanced obfuscation protection can ensure dynamic and static security of apps, hackers will not be able to crack the attack. Love encryption introduced SO Library Protection a few years ago, SO that the C/C ++-level code was professionally protected and the APK package was impeccable.

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