LAMP environment Deployment Guide

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LAMP environment Deployment Guide

1. install apache

1) install httpd:

Yum install httpd

2) Start the httpd service

Service httpd start

2. Install mysql

1) install mysql

Yum install mysql-server

2) Modify mysql encoding to utf8

Vi/etc/my. cnf

Add the following in [mysqld:

Default-character-set = utf8

Init_connect = "set names utf8"

3) Start the mysql Service

Service mysqld start

3. Install php56 and extension


1) install php54 and integrate extensions

Yum install php54w php56w-pear php56w-mcrypt

2) install mysql extension

Yum install php56w-mysql

3) install mongodb Extension

Yum install gcc openssl-devel

Pecl install mongo

Vi/etc/my. ini

Add extension = mongo. so

4) Restart apache

Service httpd restart

4. Configure the Domain Name

1) modified file:/etc/httpd/conf/httpd. conf

2) Modify DocumentRoot:

DocumentRoot "/var/www/project directory"

3) modify Directory:

<Directory "/var/www/iot">


Order allow, deny

Allow from all


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