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How to solve the problem after Gentoo installs KDE4

After KDE4 is installed, the boost and poppler package conflicts when libreoffice-bin is installed. Gentoo, desktop is kdebase-meta-4.10.5: 4, when you want to install libreoffice-bin, the prompt package conflict: Sudo emerge

Build a LAMP environment using Gentoo

Gentoo build a LAMP environment in the Gentoo system, the bread management is very powerful, build a LAMP environment so simple install PHP, then install Apache, in addition, Gentoo adds PHP5 to the module support in Apache (/etc/apache2

Create a VM in Gentoo Linux and generate an SSL Certificate and key (1)

Create an Apache VM in Gentoo This tutorial describes additional settings for the LAMP environment, such as creating a VM on Apache, generating an SSL Certificate file and key, enabling the secure SSL protocol for HTTP transactions, and using the

Installation and configuration of lamp under Gentoo

LAMP represents the combination of Apache Web server, MySQL database and PHP script programming language on Linux platform, is an important platform for developing and implementing High-performance WEB applications, and the most popular technology

Gentoo kernel and system upgrade

1. kernel upgrade1. # emerge -- sync // You can also write scripts to upgrade the entire portage directory.2. # emerge-s sources emerge-avq gentoo-sources[Ebuild NS] sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-3.10.4 [3.9.0] USE = "-build-deblob-symlink"Compile the

Lamp Modular +vsftd+samba

The leader looked after, said you also try PHP and FTP on the same machine, and give you a machine to do samba and FTP to let people put a bit of information, at the same time I would like you to learn more about the basic meaning of the VFTPD

One of the lamp series interoperability between Apache server, MySQL server and PHP server

First, Lamp introductionLAMP (linux-apache-mysql-php) website architecture is a popular web framework, consisting of: Linux operating system, Apache network server, MySQL database, PHP programming language, all components are open source software,

Build a high-performance lamp Platform Based on centos

Build a high-performance lamp Platform Based on centos Outline: I. System InstallationIi. Compile and install the Basic Environment3. Configure virtual hosts and optimize Basic PerformanceIv. Basic Security SettingsV. Appendix and related

Konsole and highlighted colors in bold

Recently, when using konsole, we found that the string was inexplicably truncated during display. It looks like: I searched a lot of documents at night and found that it was caused by konsole's "Draw highlighted colors in bold" (the English is "Draw

My Linux 10,000-hour

This is not a chicken soup article, because I did not use Linux 10,000 hours after the Linux talent, and even in many ways, I even not a novice. I go these detours can become a very reference value of the negative, below, I say in I

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