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GENTOO Installation Notes (Turn)

IBM T42 GENTOO Installation Notes A Preface Linux has been playing for many years, but has always been in the use of common services, and there is no more in-depth understanding of Linux. Recently played two weeks of Gentoo, the feeling is good,

Gentoo Linux Kernel update guide __linux

Original website: 1. Introduction The kernel is one of the few packages in the portage tree that requires partial human intervention to complete the update. Portage will download and install the

How to install Gentoo Linux

Install Gentoo Linux steps: 1. Engraved plate. 2. Start, press ENTER directly. Enter the System DOS interface and start typing commands ... 3. Change the password of the existing root user passwd 4. Open SSHD service to facilitate Remote

Hard Disk installation Gentoo (original)

Install Gentoo on Hard Disk If you use RedHat Linux, the installation will certainly not encounter any major problems,It is easy to install from a CD, a hard disk, or an NFS network,Because RedHat already provides you with a complete set of

Hard disk installation Gentoo (original)

Hard Drive Installation Gentoo If you use Redhat Linux, the installation will certainly not encounter any big problems,Whether it's a CD-ROM installation, a hard drive installation, or an NFS network installation is easy,Because Redhat has provided

Create a VM in Gentoo Linux and generate an SSL Certificate and key (1)

Create an Apache VM in Gentoo This tutorial describes additional settings for the LAMP environment, such as creating a VM on Apache, generating an SSL Certificate file and key, enabling the secure SSL protocol for HTTP transactions, and using the

Gentoo System Boot Initialization

Simple Summary 1 Startup process The init process uses/etc/inittab to determine the sequence of startup and workflow Init executes the script under the/ETC/INIT.D directory that all the symbolic links in the/etc/runlevels/boot directory point to,

Use grub2 to guide Gentoo + win7

Gentoo's source code tree thinks grub2 is not stable enough, so grub0.97is used when the boot program is last installed in Gentoo install guid. I forgot to support NTFS file systems in the kernel, I mistakenly believe that grub1 (grub0.97) does not

Gentoo Source Installation Diagram

Gentoo Source InstallationFirst, pre-preparation(1) Download the following three filesSecond, configure the installation environment(1) booting to LIVECD environment with CD-ROM(2) Configuring the network for the current LIVECD environmentWhen

Install and configure Bugzilla in Gentoo Linux

The installation environment in this article is Gentoo Linux. In theory, other Linux versions can also be used as a reference. Crob original, reprinted please indicate the source.   Environment Introduction Linux DOTC 2.6.28-gentoo-r4 #2 SMP Fri Jun

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